Here is everything about Verge Aero AGT Golden Buzzer winner

Where is Verge Aero Now? Net worth & Latest News

Verge Aero was a contestant on Americas’ Got Talent Extreme 2022, and they finished the competition in the bottom 3 of the top 7. They received Siman Cowell’s Golden Buzzer in the audition for their extreme drone performances. They are still based in Philadelphia and have a net worth of $26.5 million as of January 2023.


Verge Aero is a group dedicated to bringing widespread drone shows to life. They has designed, built, and implemented drone light show software to control the swarms of drones for providing existing enjoyment techniques. Through their drone software system, they have created a new kind of light show with a swarm of drones, similar to high-tech fireworks works.

They are based at the Pennovation Center at The University of Pennsylvania, a hub of labs, offices, and production space. The group comprises electrical, computer, software systems, and aerospace engineers. Since 2016, after founding the company, they have come a long way with colossal growth.

Verge Aero Team

The founding team has four engineers: Chris Franzwa, Anthony Merlino, Tony Samaritano, and Nils Thorjussen. Antony, Chirs, and Tony met at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Rowan University Glassboro, New Jersey. The passion for drone technology has brought them together.

After they graduate from college, they want to do something extraordinary more than everyone else; that’s how they find Nils. Nils Thorjussen’s background is in making different types of entertainment technologies.

What happened to Aero Team at AGT?

In their AGT audition, Verge Aero wowed everyone with a drone show set to Coldplay’s “A Sky Full of Stars.” The 160 drones made cool shapes like waves, the U.S., and the AGT logo. Simon Cowell loved it so much that he hit the golden buzzer, sending them straight to the finals.

On finals, they are performed well, but didn’t get enough vote to advance to the top 4. They finish the competition in the Bottom 3 of the Top 7.

Verge Aero Team net worth

Verge Aero has a net worth of $26.5 million. Their main source of income is Philadelphia-based drone business.

Verge Aero products

Verge Aero has developed and manufactured everything to create and fly sophisticated drones easily shows anyone. Out of drone shows service and drown show design software they have drone show hardware too.

Drone show service

Currently, they have three levels of drone show service that their clients choose from. Each level has different features to best match clients’ needs.

StandardFor shows without logistical complexity
Stock content + 2 custom graphics
9 minutes max flight time
Minimum 1 month lead time
Pro100% custom content
Dedicated creative team
Dedicated show producer
13-minute max flight time
Minimum 2-week lead time
ComandoComplex & last-minute shows
24/7 on-demand services
Rapid deployment
Type of Verge Aero drone shows services


What’s Verge Aero doing now?

Verge Aero is all about drone shows. They’re working hard to provide the necessary tools and support to make drone shows even better. Their main aim is to make drone shows a big part of global entertainment. Right now, they’re busy improving the tech and art of drone shows to make them a popular and well-known form of entertainment worldwide.

Social media

Verge Aero is currently active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


Who gives Verge Aero Golden Buzzer?

In their AGT audition, Verge Aero received the Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell.

Who are the Verge Aero Members?

Verge Aero’s founding members are all engineers. They are Chris Franzwa, Anthony Merlino, Tony Samaritano, and Nils Thorjussen.

What is Verge Aero software?

They have built and implemented the world’s first drone show software that can control swamps of drowning at once. That is how they did an astonishing light show like high-tech fireworks at America’s Got Talent.

Where did the Verge Aero team meet?

Antony Merlino, Chirs Franzwa, and Tony Samaritano were students of the Computer Engineering Department at Rowan University Glassboro, New Jersey.

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