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Tiktok Trends of the week | What trending on Tiktok?

Many viral trends named after celebrities and songs have been popping off on social media apps every day, which is obligatory in Tiktok. Hence, this week there is a pile of recreated videos pooling as a trend within the social media storm. If you are curious about the Tiktok Trends of the week, go through the entire article to point out your favourite one.

I’ll be waiting if you ever want to make things right. 

This is a Tik-Tok-reel song trend that has been popping up on social media recently. The trend started by the official song owner, Cian Ducrot, at the end of 2022. The official music video also released in 2022 and now has over 18k videos and 70 million views all over social media and Tiktok. The trend is to complete the chorus of the song when the lead is taken by someone else and to sing along with it. It is one of the most recent trends on social media, and the significance is that the impact is given by the composer itself.

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Singing “I’ll be waiting” in the mall ??

♬ I’ll Be Waiting – If you ever want to make things right – Cian Ducrot

Gyal, You a Party Animal (sped up) trend.

If you are wondering what the Gyal You a Party Animal (sped up)” Tiktok trend is, it is one of the swings that have been popping up on social media platforms recently. It is a uniquely choreographed, sped-up dancing compilation of Charlie Black’s original song, “Gyal You a Party Animal.” Even though the song was officially released in 2016 featuring Jamaican women, it popped up as a trend at the end of 2022. Currently, this trend has reached over 20 million views and has over 1.9 million videos on Tiktok, and right away, it is one of the trends emanating from social platforms.

Stream Evergreen by Arankai Trend

Stream Evergreen by Arankai is a fused soundtrack voiced by the Tiktoker I Am Arankai.” This has become one of the most popular trends on social media, especially on Tiktok, and it is based on the concept of “when you meet someone more alpha than you.” This trend is an act of lip-syncing for a remix track created by Patrick Reza for Billie Eilish’s song “Bad Guy” with the voice fusion of Arankai. This has become a growing trend in social media, and currently, over 56.2k videos have been created over this track. Moreover, this started by the end of 2022 and now has over 10 million views, making it a trending hit on Tiktok. 13M

Tubarão Te Amo

The song “Tubarão Te Amo” has accumulated more than 1.5 million videos made with its sound over Tiktok. This is a catchy Brazilian song created by DJ LK from Scotland with MC Ryan SP (“Tubarão”), MC Daniel (“Falcão”), MC Jhenny, and MC RF, which to date has over 20 million views on social media platforms and especially on Tiktok. The objective of the trend is to perform a significantly choreographed dance. In September 28, 2022, song released on on Spotify, and so far, it has 49 million views due to the trend.

Black Panther Trend

The Black Panther Trend, a creatively animated trend that is derived from the movie “black panther,” and it is a transformation clip. The trend focuses on a duo that eventually transforms themselves into “Black Panther” and his sidekick pet, a panther. The track’s original sound is from MimioKitten and contains music from Black Panther by Farwa Ali. It has been one of the top trends since December 2022, and currently, it has over 2.7 million views. Additionally, it has over 34.3K videos featuring this trend. Even though the music track started to trend in late 2022, and in 2023 still trending with a little bit of difference. In new videos, not only black panther but creators also turned all-time famous memes and animals.

Sigma Trend

If you are wondering what “sigma” means on Tiktok, it is a new trend where both men and women are idolizing Patrick Bateman’s misogynistic facial expressions. The trend is the Sigma grind-set that is mimicked in the Fast and Furious track “Worth Nothing.” However, the Sigma trend is not a very new concept since it was there on Social media, hinting at Internet nihilism. Even Mr Beast tried this trend on his TikTok channel. Now it has become a Tiktok trend and has over 100 million views and over 223k videos.

FRZEditz Trend

FRZEditz is a dancing trend choreographed to “Abusadamente” (Madflow Remix) by MC GUSTA and MC DG. The trend is a simple dance video with parallel hand and leg movements to the music. It was a trend that was popping up in October 2022, and now it has become a swagging hit. Currently, this trend continues with over 19k videos and has reached over 5 million views.

ABC and E Trend

ABC and E is another Tiktok dance tutorial that is featured with the See Tình Remix by Hoàng Thùy Linh. The “abandon” track also contains music from Giây Phút em gặp Anh là and Hoàng Thùy Linh. The trend contains choreographed dance movements, basically some hip, leg, and hand movements to go sideways along with the rhythm. The majority of its shared videos were in public, either solo or in groups. It has over 3.2 million videos and 70 million views. 

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@ericeruptiontai URDANETA, PANGASINAN! SALAMAT YA BALBALEG! SAAN TAYO NEXT??? #eruptionchallenge #tingtingchallenge #kembotking ♬ 原聲 – ABCandE

Here With Me Trend

Here With Me, Trend is a very heart-warming viral wave that comes along with the most touching moments of Tiktokers. This trend goes on with a Capcut template and has no fixed context. It also comes with a hashtag relating to the fact that “the videos under this audio break my heart” since it fill with clips from sad moments and far-gone loved ones. The audio is derived from the official track “Hear with me” by D4vd. This trend has now reached over 247k videos and over 5 million views. It started by the end of December 2022 and has now become a heartening movement.


Clandestina Trend

Clandestina is a trend that started with the Tiktok remix created by Justin to the original track by Salar. This swing has no official movement or context, but it is a series that goes with a Capcut template. It has over a million videos and over 5 million views and has become quite a trending hit over social media platforms.

@jaimesilva0 Paranormal activity ? #CapCut ♬ CLANDESTINA – Salvatores
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@falcopunch Always shows respect ! Help by @nost___ ♬ CLANDESTINA – Salvatores

The credit for the swing behind this trend goes to the audio tape. The music for this trend is from “Popular” in the original Broadway cast recording of “Wicked.” The content of these videos is not specified but is subjective according to the user. This trend now has over 102k videos and over 5 million views. All social media users can agree that this swag recently popped-up trend since it started at the end of December 2022.


His trend goes along with a track that contains music from PTPOM 2.0 by Moorhead Mike, Money Bag, and Big Boogie. At the end of 2022 released this trend, now has over 5 million views and 177k videos. This swing became a big hit basically due to the music since the clips created subjectively.

Djtycombs dance challenge

This trend is a choreographed dance done to DJ Ty Comb’s remix audio. It also has music derived from “Customer” by Mahlot. The trend popped up at the very end of December 2022, and currently, it has over 2 million views and 115k videos The trend flows with basic hand and hip movements with lip-syncing. And it has become a hit with the crowd, who are up for belly dancing.


auf entspannt, neuer lieblingstanz – werdet ihr jetzt öfters bei mir sehen hahahaha

♬ original sound – DJ Ty Combs ??

Look At Me Habibi Trend

Look at me Habibi is a transitional trend that collaborates with the original music of Rakhim. It is one of the latest shifting trends on Tiktok, which either requires an entirely different costume or a little swag with a pair of sunglasses. The clip also includes swift dance movements and lip-syncing along with the transitions. The trend originally popped up at the end of December 2022 and now has over a million views all over social media.

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look at me habibi?/ NEW TREND??BY US?

♬ Look at me habibi soon – Rakhim

I’m in Love Remix

The trend that flows with this remix is subjective in context. This swing goes with the remix of Lana Del Ray’s song “Love.” The track also contains music from “Vawulence” Pro by Bonzo. It went viral at the end of 2022 and has now become a trend by creating over 44K videos and gaining over 2 million views.

AI Portrait Trend

This is one of the filter trends that went viral over Tiktok, which is the “AI Portrait Filter.” These videos ran in parallel with the audio track “Under the Influence” by Chris Brown. With the new filter, Tiktok makes AI images with the users’ live portraits. It is one of the most prominent viral trends, with over 1.5 million posts and over 100 million views.

@bashtheentertainer Oi this is Lit ? #lensa #bashtheentertainer #lol ♬ under the influence – h

I Don’t Understand, Why Are You Being So Mean Trend

This trend is a pretty simple lip-syncing swing that goes along with subjective opinions. This trend has no specific steps to follow or a unique flow, but the music track’s lyrics make it more significant. The soundtrack is officially from Eminem’s “Big Weenie,” but the trend is remix version. It was done by Arifudin. The trend has flown over 537k videos reaching over 10 million views. Currently, it is showing up as reply clips for mean comments on social media platforms.

Big Boy Trend

The “Big Boy” trend is a viral dancing trend that flows along with SZA’s official song “Big Boy.” It has some significant hand movements and hip movements that highlight the figures of the body. This swag was released by the end of December 2022 and has now reached over 5 million views. It has also collaborated on over 448K videos, and currently, it is a tightly moving swing.

Calm Down Trend

This is one of the vastly growing trends on social media, and there mightn’t be a single social media user who hasn’t caught it. It’s a viral dancing video that has unique steps that go parallel to the beat of the music. The audio track is Rena’s “Calm Down,” which has a significant gist when it comes to the rhythm. This trend reached over 150 million views and has been shared over 3 million times.

@noelgoescrazy Calm down ??? Dc: @DENNISMIK? #fürdich #fyp #fy ♬ Calm Down – Rema
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@noelgoescrazy They already recognized me??? dc: @DENNISMIK? #fyp #fürdich #fy ♬ Calm Down – Rema

Flowers | Miley Cyrus Trend

The “Flowers” trend came along with Miley Cyrus‘s new release, “Flowers,” which became the audio track to this trend. Soon after the release, it reached over 30 million views and now has over 589k videos. It popped up on January 14, 2023, and within a week, it reached millions of views. It is one of the viral trends that reached millions of views within just a week.



♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus
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♬ original sound – Miley Cyrus

Fiki Storaro’s “Yes, Yes” Trend

This is one of the unique trends that revolve around Tiktok, which has two different streams. Some find it repulsive, but some find it hilarious. One goes with a face-recoiling trend, and the other trend has a pack between fat guys. It’s merely an obese person shaking his belly to the rhythm of the music video. It was first released by the “Bling Bling Boys,” and now, more obese men tend to follow this trend. On the other hand, face recoiling videos have their unique ways of reaching the audience since the majority of the audience gets hyped by how big the recoil is. Surprisingly, this trend has over 15 million views and over 314k videos. The trend goes with the audio “Chupki v. Krusta” by Fiki Storaro. The vitality of this trend is mainly lodged within the hilarious rhythm of this audio.  

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