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Tanner Fox Girlfriend, Net Worth & Interesting Facts

Tanner Fox Girlfriend, Net Worth & Interesting Facts

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Thanks to the internet and other viral media, there is a new category known, as YouTube. Tanner Fox is one of such people who could amazingly mention his career, the YouTubing. But, more importantly, Tanner is one of those who could reach the top of net worth due to YouTube. Tanner was born on 22 December 1999. Currently, he has a net worth of 6 Million USD as of 2024.

Tanner Fox’s Net worth and How he makes money?

Among the most searched facts about Tanner is his net worth. As mentioned, 6 million USD, he has found an impressive sum as early as 25 years of age. Along with 46.83 thousand views per day, which means that he is making a hundred thousand money yearly for sure. His videos on various themes such as life, technology, relationships, lavish houses, pranks, and advertisements have made the earnings up to this far. However, his scootriding skills made his recognition for him a sure thing. Without his scooting, he could have ended up being just a Californian.

Tanner Fox Age and Biography

The 25-year-old American Youtuber was born on 22 December 1999. He is from San Diego, California, Tanner and his entire family, including his father and mother, are Californians.

Real NameTanner Fox
ProfessionYouTuber, TikToker
Age25 years
Birth DateDecember 22, 1999
Zodiac SignCapricorn
BirthplaceSan Diego, California
Lives inSan Diego, California
Net Worth$6 million USD
Weight60 Kg
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Father NameBilly Rox
Mother Name Ronda Fox
SiblingsCalifornian Diego, California
Tanner Fox with his girlfriend
Fox with his girlfriend

Tanner Fox Family and Relationships

Tanner Fox parents

His mother is Ronda Fox, and his father is Billy Fox and has one sister, Lindsay.

Tanner fox mother Ronda Fox with her new husband
Tanner fox mother Ronda Fox with her new husband

Who is Tanner Fox’s girlfriend?

Tanner has had two girlfriends. The first one to be added to the list is Taylor Alesia, whom Tanner started dating in 2017. She is an Instagram model who has also got more followers. After breaking up with Alesia, Tanner is dated Avalon Nadfalusi. But they broke up after dating for over a year.

The American individual has a straight orientation towards the sex and is single now. As previously mentioned, his profession is YouTube, one of the most satisfying and amazing jobs in the world right now.

Tanner Fox’s Cars and bikes

Tanner has got three luxury cars, GTR, Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a Nissan GT-R R35. Among those three cars, his favorite car is GTR which has also got the nickname, Guaczialla.

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Tanner Fox Career

Although Tanner Fox is known for YouTube, he started as a blogger. Along with his YouTube channel, the “MT Films,” he got recognition little by little. The channel that started in 2011 kept increasing the number of flowers due to his amazing stunts performed with his scoot ride. At present, Tanner is considered one of the most successful YouTubers in the world, along with his 07 million exceeded subscribers.

Similar to most of the Youtubers, Tanner started his YouTube journey with random videos. The videos made by Tanner had neither a topic nor any intention. Instead, what he appeared to be to others was an addicted individual who was filming everything. That is why he had to get kicked out of school when he was 11 as well. Among the entire population in San Diego, California, Tanner could be a significant one due to his amazing scooting stunt, which more than 3.6 billion people had watched all across the world. Although Tanner is just 1.67m, just below the average height to be a stuntman, that was not a matter to set him back at all.

Tanner Fox social media

To this day, Tanner has uploaded 1275 videos and collected 10.3 million subscribers on YouTube. When it comes to views, he has reached a total number of 1,791,955,590  views. The Forever Charmed episode is one of the crucial steps in his life. Tanner appeared in it when he was just 10. Besides the pranks and YouTube appearances, Tanner uses Twitter as a medium to reach more fans with his presenting and stunting skills. Also, his Instagram reach has made him a part-time influencer, and he has been able to take some brandings along with his Instagram careers, such as Root Industries, Lucky Scooters, and Grind Shop.


Who are Tanner Fox’s parents?

 His mother’s name is Ronda Fox and his father’s name is Billy.

Who is Tanner Fox’s girlfriend?

Tanner Fox is currently single, but his last relationship was with Avalon Nadfalusi.

How did Tanner Fox get famous?

He got famous by videos of him performing stunts on his scooter as a kid.

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