Sven Smith’s audition has caused frustration among fans for advancing pointless acts

With Sven Smith qualifying for the next round, Britain’s Got Talent fans express disappointment with the show as judges advance pointless acts to the next round. Sven Smith is an air guitarist who hailed from London. 27 year old Sven advanced to the next round from the audience with 3 yeses. 

Sven Smith in the audition

On Sven’s act Alesha did not grab any impressive attitude. She pressed the Red Buzzer at the start of the act. But other 3 judges gave 3 yeses to this contestant and Bruno said “but be careful that your pants are not going to drop because they nearly came off in front of me” while the audience were laughing. Simon added “it was so stupid, it was brilliant, it just really made me love”. 

Contestant Sven couldn’t understand that incident and he said “I love Simon but I wasn’t sure he was going to love me but I’m over the moon. I’m ecstatic, oh my God”.

But fans are not happy with that decision. They questioned on social media why judges gave a chance for a pointless act like this. They said if this contestant has real talent he will win this. Also some fans said the UK is sinking faster than the Titanic if that is an example of talent. Fans are saying Sven hasn’t any talent or anything. 

Especially fans questioning Simon’s decisions while there were bad acts everytime. They said Simon keeps sending all bad acts to the next round. They never agree with the judges at this performance. 

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