Sarukani Crowned as The ‘Beatboxing Beatles’ by Alesha Dixon in BGT 2024

The Beatboxing group Sarukani was branded as the “Beatboxing Beatles” By Alesha Dixon after their audition performance in BGT 2024.

Sarukani, the popular beatboxing group from Japan could amaze the audience with their magnifying performance in their recent audition on Britain’s Got Talent 2024. The judges were totally satisfied with their performance and complimented the brilliance of it selecting them to the next round.

Sarukani Beatboxing Group on BGT 2024 Stage

Bruno shared his excitement, commenting, “Oh my God, respect, this was incredible! ” What caught everyone’s attention most was Alesha Dixon’s comment. She made a parallel comparison between Sarukani and the legendary music icons, The Beatles. “I think they look like beatboxing beetles. I think this was an incredible audition this act will fly so I thought it was pretty well”

The judges’ appreciation for Sarukani spread out to fans across social media platforms. Everyone searched for what’s so special about this Beatboxing Beatles.

In the YouTube video, one fan commented, “Sarukani were the beatbox crew champions at the last Grand Beatbox Battle 2023. They only showed a tiny bit of their skills here, excited to see what they do later.” Another fan expressed their admiration, stating, “Oh wow, never thought they would do something like this. They are all incredible beatboxers, individually and as a crew. Love them.”

“wow. what a great clapping performance from the crowd. they tuned out the amazing beatboxing perfectly : ) “ another one commented.

Sarukani-YouTube Comments
Some comments for Sarukani from YouTube

Sarukani’s unique skills led them to attract this much popularity on the BGT stage. They expect to win this season with their unique beatboxing styles and grab international recognition as a beatboxing team. However, whatever happens in the future rounds, Sarukani has already left an indelible mark on the BGT stage earning the title of the “Beatboxing Beatles.”

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