BGT Fans Unhappy with Amanda Holden’s Second Golden Buzzer Choice

Britain’s Got Talent Fans Unhappy with Amanda Holden’s Second Golden Buzzer Decision. On the fifth episode of Britain’s Got Talent season 17, Nabe from Japan auditioned. He performed some incredible hair impressions, making everyone giggle. Amanda Holden was amazed by his performance and pressed her second golden buzzer for Nabe.

Simon, Amanda, and Alesha thoroughly enjoyed Nabe’s performance, but Bruno didn’t seem impressed by it. At the end of the act, Simon and Amanda gave a standing ovation. Simon commented, “One of the funniest people we’ve ever had and the only person I’ve ever known who does impersonations with their hair. I mean, this is genius. Absolutely genius,” and Bruno stated, “I have really no idea what’s coming next, not really a clue, and every time you surprise me, you’re very, very funny.”

This is so different it’s just made me howl absolutely laugh my head off I’ve never seen anything like it you were so funny.

Amanda Holden
Amanda Pressing Golden Buzzer For Nabe’s Act

However, fans are furious about Amanda’s decision. It became the talk of social media. In the YouTube comments section, fans commented, “That might be BGT’s worst golden buzzer. It made me smile, but I don’t think King Charles will be blown away by it,”  and “This was funny, but not a golden buzzer. They just like dishing them out to anyone at this point, lmfao. Like I said, not bad, but definitely not worthy of a golden buzzer.” and “Seriously, Amanda? You’ve lost the plot.”

Also, fans are criticizing Amanda’s decision on Twitter (X). A fan commented, “Judges hysterical, audience hysterical, and the fella is just not funny. And then, still having her midlife crisis, Holden gives him the golden buzzer. Terrible.” Another fan commented, “Giving the golden buzzer to an act like that just shows how terrible this programme is.”

But… why was that a golden buzzer??

Fan’s Comment
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