What Happened to Sky Elements in AGT 2024?

Sky Elements is best known for their mind-blowing drone act which earned the second golden buzzer in AGT 2024 season 19!

Home TownNorth Richland Hills, Texas
ActDrone act
Position ReachedWon a golden buzzer
AGT 2024

The group called sky elements, started their first step as making Christmas light displays synced with music. However, in 2024, they progressed it to drone technology. In the beginning, the performance, started with six drones, gradually ballooned to 1,000 drones coloring the sky above the AGT 2024 audience. This amazing and stunning drone act won the golden buzzer by making Simon Cowell break golden buzzer rules.


The Sky Elements group which was started by two college best friends with a passion for mixing art and coding and then grew up to be talented group. Initially, they started Sky Elements as a pyrotechnic company, and they made it until the golden buzzer in AGT 2024 with “talent in multiple different areas” as explained by Preston. Furthermore, he added “It all boils down to two things: creativity and attention to detail”.

Record-Breaking Drone Light Show

Sky Elements’ Biography 

Sky Elements group is made up of six members named Preston, Brian, Phil, Tyler, Kyle and Rick. They mesmerized everyone in AGT 2024 with their 400-feet-tall, 300-feet-wide drone show featuring a rocket ship, the AGT logo and even Simon in an astronaut suit.

Real Name  Sky Elements Drone Shows
Nationality American
Profession Drone show designers
AGT 2024

Family & Relationships

There are currently no published facts about their families or relationships.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


The June 4 episode of AGT 2024 was a remarkable and entertaining day as Simon Cowell hit his Golden Buzzer for the second time that day for Sky Elements, a group that performed an epic drone act. After the group admitted that the theater where other acts performed, isn’t big enough for what they had in mind, the judges and crowd moved outside to witness their breathtaking drone act. And then, the drone show began up above the sky where the judges were seated.

With a synced music, the drones began to tell a story of an astronaut launching from Earth into outer space and planting an American flag on the moon. Finally, the face of the astronaut was revealed to be Simon Cowell that Howie Mandel described as being “three blocks wide!”. As to make it impressive beyond the limit, they ended the show with the 1,000 drones creating the AGT logo high in the sky for all of Pasadena, California. Afterwards, this historical performance the judges gave their own pleased compliments and by taking even judges by surprise and clarifying

“You know we keep talking about ‘the rules’,” and “There is no rule-book, which means I’m going to do this.”

Simon Cowell declared.

And then he hit the golden buzzer and made the arena enlightened with fireworks.

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The group has big plans for the next round, which Preston says has been “25 months in the making.” Moreover, to witness these golden buzzer winners next performance the judges and the AGT 2024 audience are awaiting with a sparkling excitement.

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