What Happened to Bao Cuong in AGT 2024?

Best known for the unbelievable and scary stunts performed in AGT 2024 and praised by Simon Cowell as one of his favorites!

Home TownVietnam
ActStunt act
Position ReachedSelected for the next round
AGT 2024

Bao Cuong is from Vietnam and traveled all the way to America to compete in AGT 2024 Season 19 Episode 02. His unbelievably dangerous stunt acts of inserting knives in the nose, swallowing and opening a scissor, and piercing his neck and eyelids earned four yeses from the judges. Yet, during this intimidating act Sofía Vergara begged Simon Cowell to “make it stop”.


This scissor swallowing stuntman, Bao Cuong is coming from Vietnam and founded a Kung Fu circus group in 2011. He was a semifinalist in ‘Asia’s Got Talent Season 1 in 2015 with a dangerous act that involved inserting various items quite deep up his nose. Despite the dangerous and uneasy nature of his act, he earned several buzzes, including two in the semifinals.

Bao Cuong Delivers More (Self-Inflicted) Pain | Asia’s Got Talent Semis 2

Bao Cuong Biography 

Bao Cuong is a circus artist who is popular as ‘pain master’. He performed a stomach-churning act in AGT 2024 Season 19 and got selected for the next round.

Real Name  Bao Cuong
Civil Status Married
Nationality Vietnamese
Profession Circus performer
AGT 2024

Family & Relationships

Bao Cuong is married yet his family and relationship information are not available.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


The audience was thrilled and erupted in awe once Bao Cuong started his performance on AGT 2024 stage. His act started with inserting two sharp knives inside his nose by making the audience and judges shocked. The next act was not for the fainthearted viewers as he attached his throat and eyelids with sharp hooks attached to a pair of drums. Then he swallowed a pair of huge scissors and opened them up inside his mouth.

He finished off his performance by lifting three decorative pots with chains attached to his eyes and throat. When Heidi Klum asked if it hurts him around his mouth, using his translator he simply replied “I do this every day, like eating rice”.

“It was one of my favorite acts tonight,”

Simon Cowell

All the four judges voted “yes” without any doubt except Sofía Vergara who said she didn’t like the act but still voting yes.

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Known as “Pain Master”, this dangerously interesting stunt act performer has undoubtedly been selected fro the next round of AGT 2024 with the votes from all the judge. The fans of America’s Got Talent is excitedly anticipating what will be the next performance from Bao Cuong.

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