This Singer Of The Popular Group ABBA Was a Child Of a Secret Nazi Breeding Program Horrifying Story of Anni-Frid!

This Singer Of The Popular Group “ABBA” Was a Child Of a Secret Nazi Breeding Program | Horrifying Story of Anni-Frid!

ABBA is a famous group across many generations that has given much good music to the world. But there is a ‘dark past‘ associated with one of its lead singers. This is the story of Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Her life was marked with both incredible success and deep, personal trauma. Born in the unrest of World War II, Lyngstad’s origins are connected with a Nazi program. The program aimed at breeding “racially superior” children. The stigma followed her throughout her whole life. She was even carved a swastika forcefully into her skin by a fisherman. She desperately struggled to remove it. Let’s dive into the horrifying details of her story.

The Lebensborn Program: A Dark Chapter in History

During World War II, there was an establishment called ‘The SS‘ (meaning Schutzstaffel, or Protection Squads). This organization was primarily responsible for the creation of the breeding program. It was a major paramilitary institution under Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany. It started as a small guard unit and grew to become one of the most powerful organizations of the Nazis. 

Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, began the ‘Lebensborn’ program in 1935. The program had the hopes of expanding the Aryan race by breeding children with the “right” genetic markers. They preferred blue eyes and blond hair. The Scandinavians fit perfectly with what they were looking for. The wicked program urged German soldiers to have relationships with Danish and Norwegian women. 

As a result, over 12,000 children were born from forced relationships in Norway alone. The children born under this program, and their mothers, were given special treatment and privileges. But there was a dark incentive behind this twisted vision of Himmler. The children should receive an education that reflected the Nazi way of thinking.

Anni Frid’s Early Life: Born into Controversy

Anni-Frid Lyngstad’s early life reads like a tragic novel. She was the daughter of the German Nazi officer, Alfred Haase, and her Norwegian mother, Blue. According to the information revealed this German seduced Frid’s mother by giving her a few potatoes. Potatoes were a luxury food at the time.

Anni-Frid Nazi project
Image source: History of sorts (Anni-Frid as a baby with her father and mother)

However, when the Nazi party lost World War, the children born under this project and women were banned. They gave degrading nicknames to these women and children. They faced countless abuses over the years. Some were even imprisoned in mental institutions. It is also believed that the Norwegian military along with the CIA used the children for experiments with LSD, mescaline, and other drugs.

Anni-Frid was also branded as a “child of shame” in post-war Norway. A Fisherman from the local village even cut the symbol of ‘Swastika’ on her skin with a knife. She was still a child, and she despised everything that she had to deal with. She painstakingly removed it in the years that followed. 

Facing rejection and mistreatment, her family fled to Sweden. But the scars of her past were not so easy to forget. Anni-Frid’s mother passed away from kidney failure before she was two. From there onwards, her grandmother raised Anni-Frid. These early experiences shaped Lyngstad, leading to a life marked by strength in the face of trouble. 

Anni-Frid Nazi project
Image source: Ranker /Quora (Lebensborn’ program)
Image source: All that’s interesting

Meeting Her Father After 30 Years!

Lyngstad’s life took another emotional turn when she met her father as an adult and after 3 decades. Her then-husband, Benny Andersson facilitated this meet-up. She longed for this reunion. However, it was rather uncomfortable and bittersweet. Lyngstad struggled to create a connection with her father. 

“How to return to me all that has passed.” I cried for hours afterward. Maybe it would be different if I was a kid. It’s hard when you become a father and you’re 32 years old. I can’t relate to him and love him the way I would have if I had grown up with him.”


After her meeting with her father, Anni-Frid immediately cut ties with her father. She was still carrying the trauma of her past and what she went through as a child. Her story highlights the lifelong impact of the Lebensborn program on its children, who grapple with their origins and the absence of familial bonds.

Anni-Frid Nazi project
Image source: Medium / All that’s interesting (Anni-Frid in her younger years)
Anni-Frid Nazi project
Image source: The Telegraph / Biography / Eurovision World (Anni-Frid with her husband Benny Andersson and the ABBA group)

The Fight for Justice

As Lyngstad and others like her came of age, the silence surrounding the Lebensborn program began to crack. Figures like Paul Hansen and Tor Brandacher worked tirelessly to bring the stories of Lebensborn children to light. They demanded justice and compensation from the Norwegian government. Their legal battle highlighted the broader struggle for recognition and reparation for the injustices they suffered. 


Anni-Frid Lyngstad’s life story is a powerful testament to human resilience. From the depths of a harrowing childhood marked by Nazi ideology to the heights of pop music fame, her journey is a reminder of the dark chapters of history we must confront. Yet, her legacy, like the music of ABBA, endures—a beacon of hope and triumph over adversity. Let’s engage with these stories, honoring the struggles and successes of individuals like Lyngstad, whose lives inspire us to remember the past while forging a path toward a more compassionate future.

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