Robin Williams Used His Films To Give Homeless People Jobs The Beloved Actor Had A Special Clause In His Contracts!

Robin Williams Used His Films To Give Homeless People Jobs | The Beloved Actor Had A “Special Clause” In His Contracts!

Robin Williams left an unforgettable mark not only as a remarkable comedian and actor but also through his humanitarian efforts. One of his most remarkable contributions was his effort to support homeless people. Williams had a ‘special clause’ in the contracts of his movie projects. He has helped over 1500 people. The beloved actor was a man known for his improvisational skills and heartwarming performances in an array of roles. However, his off-screen passion to contribute to those in need truly set him apart from others in Hollywood. Let’s delve deeper into the gestures of kindness that defined Robin Williams’ legacy.

Robin Williams’ Special Clause in Film Contracts

Robin Williams’ compassion reached far beyond the camera. He introduced a ‘special clause’ in his film contracts to aid those less fortunate. Unlike typical celebrity riders, who may demand specific foods or other luxuries, Williams included an extraordinary stipulation. The production companies were required to hire a certain number of homeless individuals. His office would propose that for each movie project he was involved in, the actor had supported over 1500 people.

Entertainment industry insider, Brian Lord, discovered this clause firsthand. This stipulation wasn’t simply about providing temporary employment. It was about offering dignity and a step toward stability for those who needed it the most. Williams used his influence in the entertainment world not just to benefit himself but to create opportunities for others to rebuild their lives.

Williams’ actions echo his belief in using one’s platform to start positive change and his hope that others in positions of influence would continue this practice. The fact that he had fostered such social responsibility within the industry is a testament to the kind of person Williams was—a true philanthropist at heart.

“When I got Robin Williams’ rider, I was very surprised by what I found. He actually had a requirement that for every single event or film he did, the company hiring him also had to hire a certain number of homeless people and put them to work.”

Brian Lord

Robin Williams’ Legacy in Hollywood and Social Responsibility

Williams’ legacy is adorned with awards and laughter, but what stands out is his commitment to social responsibility. His roles ranged from the inspirational teacher in “Dead Poets Society” to the profound therapist in “Good Will Hunting” and the lovable cross-dressing father in “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Beyond the screen was his role as a philanthropist and advocate for the homeless.

Robin Williams’ big-screen debut in “Popeye” was only the beginning of his legendary career. Eventually, Robin earned his Academy Award for “Good Will Hunting.” His versatility allowed him to undertake a variety of roles. He even grew towards grittier and darker themes in films such as “One Hour Photo” and “World’s Greatest Dad.”

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His actions have sparked discussions in Hollywood about the responsibilities celebrities have beyond their craft. As the industry evolves, the expectation for meaningful contributions from public figures continues to grow. Williams’s philanthropy serves as a constant benchmark.


The significance of Robin Williams’ dedication to social causes, particularly homelessness, is a powerful record. By incorporating a unique clause in his film contracts to give jobs to homeless people, Williams didn’t just leave us with memorable characters. He also left a blueprint for how celebrities can leverage their status for the betterment of society.

We remember Robin Williams for the laughter and joy he brought into our lives. We also reflect on his legacy of advocacy and consider how we might mimic his example within our own spheres of influence.

Robin williams gives homeless people jobs
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