This Man Dived More Than 800 Times Into The Ocean To Find His Wife!

This Man Dived More Than 800 Times Into The Ocean To Find His Wife!

Imagine losing someone you love deeply and then dedicating your whole life to finding them, no matter the odds. That’s the story of Yasuo Takamatsu, a man whose wife, Yuko, was swept away by the devastating tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. Driven by love and sudden loss, Takamatsu has dived into the ocean over 800 times, hoping to find her. Even after 12 years he still looks for her in the ocean. Months after her loss Yasuo found her wife’s phone in the parking of her work. He recovered the phone and in it was her last message to him, sent but not delivered. Let’s have a look at the details of this heartbreaking story.

The Tsunami’s Wrath: Loss Of His Wife

On March 11, 2011, an underwater earthquake off the eastern coast of Japan triggered a massive tsunami. With a magnitude of 9.1, this tsunami claimed nearly 20,000 lives and left half a million people homeless in Japan. In the chaos, Takamatsu lost his wife, Yuko. More than 2,500 people were reported missing and were never found. Yasuo also tried everything to find his loving wife. But there was no sign of her.

man dived 800 times to find his wife
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One Last Message!

After a daunting few months, he found her phone. Yasuo recovered his wife’s pink flip phone in the parking lot where she used to work. It carried her last message to her husband, “Are you okay? I want to go home.” It was a reminder of the day’s horror.

It also carried a heartbreaking message which was sent to Yasuo but not delivered.

“So much tsunami,”

Undelivered message of Yasuo’s wife to him.
man dived 800 times to find his wife
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Yasuo Takamatsu’s Search In Ocean Depths

Unable to stand the thought of not trying to find his wife, Takamatsu began searching for land. After two and a half years, he turned to the sea and started taking scuba diving lessons.

“I do want to find her, but I also feel that she may never be discovered as the ocean is way too vast – but I have to keep looking,” Takamatsu said. He was greatly supported by his instructor Masayoshi Takahashi. Yasuo has dived over 800 times into the ocean with the hope of getting a glimpse of his wife.

The Search Continues: “As Long as My Body Moves”

Takahashi, leading volunteer dives to look for tsunami victims, believed it was important to help Takamatsu in his quest. Despite the slim to none chances of finding Yuko in the vast ocean, Takamatsu’s search, now spanning over a decade, continues to be a powerful symbol of love and resilience. In Yasuo’s own words, he wants to continue the search, “as long as my body moves.”

man dived 800 times to find his wife
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Yasuo Takamatsu’s journey is a heartrending narrative of the human spirit and love transcending the bounds of earth and sea. It’s a story that not only resonates with our deepest sympathies but also inspires us to reflect on the power of nature and our relationships with it.

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