Robin Williams Made A Mourning Gorilla Laugh Again After Six Months!

Robin Williams Made A Mourning Gorilla Laugh Again After Six Months!

Robin Williams’ legacy as a comic genius and celebrated actor is universally acknowledged. It’s widely known that his quick wit and warm heart could light up the room and bring smiles across faces, but perhaps one of his most nurturing moments often goes unshared. He had a heartwarming interaction with Koko, a gorilla known for her ability to communicate using American Sign Language. In 2001, at the Gorilla Foundation in California, Robin Williams showed not just his comedic talents but also his exceptional capacity for empathy.

Koko, who had been in mourning for six months due to the loss of her companion, experienced a moment of joy thanks to Robin Williams’ kindness. Laughter is indeed a language that surpasses all barriers. Let’s have a closer look at this rare and endearing moment.

A Remarkable Encounter of The Movie Legend & Koko!

In 2001, the world witnessed a meeting unlike any other. Robin Williams paid a visit to the Gorilla Foundation. At this sanctuary of healing for animals, Koko had been experiencing deep sadness. She was weighed down by the death of her closest friend. Her smile had vanished until the remarkable day Williams entered her life. During their encounter, they engaged in activities anyone would with a dear friend—laughter, tickling, and affectionate hugs.

Koko’s background as a refined communicator expressed a wide range of emotions and thoughts. When Koko first met Williams, their connection was quick. It wasn’t long before she was playfully pulling his glasses from his face and rifling through his wallet. 

Koko the Gorilla, Later Mourns The Death Of Robin Williams

The connection that Robin Williams and Koko shared was so deep. The news of Williams’ passing reached the Gorilla Foundation, and Koko expressed unmistakable signs of mourning. She grew somber, with a trembling lip and bowed head—reflecting the sadness felt across the globe by millions of Williams’ fans. It was clear that the bond they shared was unique and moving.

robin williams made a gorilla laugh
Image source: Daily Mail (Images on the Left – Koko and Robin’s first interaction / Image on the Right – Koko mourning after hearing the death of Robin Williams)

Robin Williams: A Legacy of Laughter and Compassion

Throughout his career, Robin Williams established himself not just as an entertainment powerhouse. Robin was also a human being of immense sensitivity and compassion. Williams’ philanthropic efforts reflected his understanding and empathy for those in need. His legacy is not only found in his films and stand-up routines but also in the humanitarian and conservation movements he supported.

Image source: Medium


The story of Robin Williams making a mourning gorilla laugh again is one that lingers in our sociocultural consciousness. It has reshaped the public’s understanding of animal emotions and intelligence, challenging us to recognize the deeper, more profound connections all living beings can share. Let this extraordinary chapter be a beacon, shedding light on the richness of connections possible between humans and animals—and the legacy of a man who could make anyone laugh, including a gorilla named Koko.

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