This Mysterious Island Shaped In A Perfect Circle Is Rotating On Its Own!

This Mysterious Island Shaped In A Perfect Circle Is Rotating On Its Own!

A mysterious island shaped like a perfect circle is gently spinning on its own in Argentina. Among the lush wetlands of the Paraná Delta lies El Ojo, this bizarre islet is bordered by clear, chilly waters. It has a near-perfect circular outline measuring 120 meters in diameter and displays a curious rotation. El Ojo Or ‘The Eye’ captures the imagination of scientists, adventurers, and the interested alike. But what secrets does this rotating orb hold within its secluded location? Let’s dive deeper into this mysterious phenomenon.

Mysterious Island Shaped In A Perfect Circle!

Wedged between the bustling city of Buenos Aires and the quiet town of Campana is the small and mystic islet known as El Ojo, or Eye Island. Discovered by an Argentine filmmaker, Sergio Neuspiller, this islet isn’t just notable for its clean circular form but for its endless rotation on its own axis. Local legends as well as satellite images from Google Earth confirm that El Ojo has been in motion since 2003. It has been there for over 20 years. Hidden in the unique ecosystem of Parque Nacional Ciervo de los Pantanos, this rotating island continues to puzzle both locals and scientists.

Mysterious Island Shaped In A Perfect Circle
Image source: My Best Place / Explorersweb

How Does It Rotate on Its Own Axis?

Sergio Neuspiller was the first to notice this island. When he returned to review the island had changed position. There are many theories surrounding why and how it spins. Some scientists assume that large underground wells cause water streams that are capable of pushing the island. This also leads to its erosion and aids its rotation. However, this remains a theory. The lack of sufficient funds halted efforts to investigate further.

Some people also say that its rotation is linked with paranormal or extraterrestrial activity. However, none of them have been proven and remain theories of the public. The island lies just an hour from Buenos Aires and adventurers can visit this marvel.

Image source: Explorersweb


El Ojo stands as a testament to nature’s capacity to enchant and perplex the human mind. The mystery of its rotation, whether an extraordinary natural occurrence or something beyond our current understanding, remains unsolved. For Environmental Scientists and nature enthusiasts like Alex Rivera, the allure of such a natural enigma underscores the enduring fascination with our planet’s many wonders.

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