A $42 Million Clock Built Inside A Mountain To Outlast Humanity

A $42 Million Clock Built Inside A Mountain To Outlast Humanity!

Imagine a clock that will outlast humanity, ticking only once a year, hands moving once a century, and cuckooing once a millennium. This visionary project, funded by Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com Inc., is not just about keeping time. It is also a symbol of “long-term thinking” according to Bezos. He has invested around $45 Million and expects the clock to survive longer than Humanity.

The extraordinary clock started its construction in 2018 and is still under construction. It is built inside a West Texas mountain and will tick for around 10,000 years. But how is it able to remain that long? Let’s dive in to know more.

The Vision of a 10,000-Year Clock

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, announced his intention to back this extraordinary clock in 2011. According to the Daily Mail, Bezos described it as “a special clock, designed to be a symbol, an icon for long-term thinking.” Construction began in 2018, and the project is currently ongoing.

The vision of this Clock comes from the computer scientist Danny Hillis in the 1980s. It is a 500-foot-tall clock that is supposed to run for 10,000 years. It’s being constructed inside a mountain in West Texas, a project that Bezos has invested $42 million in.

The clock runs using Earth’s thermal cycles and incorporates elements such as a solar synchronizer, a pendulum, and a chime generator along with different gears and dials. The clock will tick once a year and its hands will move once every 100 years, showing its long-term purpose.

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The Clock’s Unique Features

The clock is engineered to endure thousands of years, using Earth’s natural thermal cycles for operation. The materials used include marine-grade stainless steel and high-tech ceramics. These elements are chosen for their durability against temperature changes, humidity, and dust.

One of the clock’s most impressive features is its chime generator, which can create over 3.5 million unique bell chime sequences. This ensures that no two days will sound alike.

Additionally, the clock has five room-sized anniversary chambers designed for future generations to fill. These chambers mark significant milestones: the first-, 10th-, 100th-, 1,000th-, and 10,000th-year anniversaries. The chambers are spaces for time-related artifacts and messages that will be carried to humanity. The first chamber expects to have a model of a solar system, ready for future generations to fill.

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The Symbolism and Impact of the 10,000-Year Clock

The clock is more than a technical accomplishment. It’s a symbol of sustainability and foresight. The clock is built to align with natural cycles like the moon and sun. It also promotes an environmental standpoint, urging respect for natural rhythms.

According to the Long Now Foundation, the exact completion date remains uncertain. The clock is being built to withstand the test of time, ensuring it remains functional for millennia. Its location in the remote Sierra Mountains of Texas makes sure that visitors will have to hike to see it. The long hike is also expected to encourage contemplation and reflection.

A $42 Million Clock Built Inside A Mountain To Outlast Humanity
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The Legacy of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is known for his immense wealth, including owning a 417-foot yacht worth approximately $500 million, and a $75 million support yacht. His wealth also includes a real estate portfolio featuring properties like a $79 million mansion in Florida’s “Billionaire Bunker” and a $165 million estate in Beverly Hills.

Despite these symbols of immediate luxury, the clock represents a radically different value: the importance of leaving behind a lasting legacy.

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The 10,000-Year Clock is a testament to human ingenuity and a call to think beyond our lifetimes. By investing in this clock, Bezos is encouraging us to reflect on our future and our role in the long-term sustainability of our world. This project blends science, engineering, and philosophy, reminding us of the enduring impact of our actions today on the world of tomorrow.

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