What Happened to Serbat Troupe in BGT 2024?

Best known for stunt act that increased the heartbeat of all over the audience

Age (at audition)29 – 33
Home TownKazakhstan
Position ReachedMove to the next round

Serbat Troupe is a stunt group including a girl also. They were from Kazakhstan. They appeared on Britain Got Talent season 17 and performed a surprising act in the audition. They were aged between 29 and 33 at that time. After performing an insane act, finally they went to the next round with the judges’ 4 yeses. 


One of them studied at a ballet school and he met his wife there. She is Zarina and they have been performing for the last 16 years. Then they started to perform together. After a few years they found the Serbat Troupe with two other male stunt actors. 

Serbat Troupe Biography 

Serbat troupe is a stun act group with 4 members. They appeared on BGT from Kazakhstan. They were aged between 29 and 33 at the audition time. 

Real Name Serbat Troupe
Age29 – 33
ProfessionStunt actors

What happened in Britain’s Got Talent?


There was a ladder on the BGT stage while Serbat Troupe went through it. Firstly Alesha asked “what made you decide to come and audition for us this year?”. One of them answered “because it’s one of the biggest stages in the world, we want to win Britain Got Talent because it’s our dream”. 

Then they started their act. First of all Zarina climbed the ladder while her husband stood on the stage behind the ladder. After the climbing Zarina went off the ladder and stayed in her husband’s hand.  He was amazing. He climbed the ladder while Zarina was on his head with only her hands. 

They wow the audience and 2 men started their act and that was very similar to the previous one. But there was one hand on the head. Act went wrong and one of them fell on to the stage. They tried to do it again and Alesha said “I don’t want anymore”. But they did it and won it. 

Bruno said “I nearly had a heart attack. You nearly killed me. It was so compelling”. Amanda added “so brilliant but so tense and so scary. I don’t think we have ever seen anything like that”. Simon said “it was a great audition. I’m going to say a massive yes”. Eventually Serbat Troupe went to the next round from the audition with yeses from the all judges. 

The moment the Serbat Troupe gathered their comments after the act

Social Media

They are not available on social media.


Serbat Troupe is a stunt act group from Kazakhstan. They appeared on BGT season 17 and performed a stunning act after the 1st attempt went wrong. However they advanced to the next round with 4 yeses. 

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