Michael Jackson's Hometown Is Now A Ghost City This Abandoned City Sold Houses For Just $1!

Michael Jackson’s Hometown Is Now A Ghost City | This Abandoned City Even Sold Houses For Just $1!

A place that once buzzed with vibrancy, a thriving steel industry, and the rhythm of the King of Pop’s earliest beats is now an eerie ghost town. Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson’s childhood home, is crumbling away from its once-celebrated past. In 2019, the city’s desperate attempt to reinvent itself led to the famous ‘Dollar Home Project.’ This was an initiative to breathe life back into its abandoned streets and homes. Despite even to this day, it remains lifeless.  

Gary is the symbol of industrial strength, shaped by the pulsating steel mills of 20th-century America. The city offered houses for as little as one dollar to change its future. While the offer of a virtually free home might look like a gamechanger for any aspiring homeowner, the reality painted a gloomier picture. The city was wrestling with economic downturn and desolation. Let’s dive into some more shocking truths behind this deserted city. 

The Decline of Gary, Indiana: From Industrial Boom to Ghost Town

Gary’s tale is a classic American saga of rise and fall. Once the proud offspring of U.S. Steel, founded in 1906, the city displayed the American dream. It was a place where industry thrived and the multicultural workforce grew. Gary had a population that soared above 175, 000 in its prosperous era.

The relentless wave of globalization guided a new era and Gary’s fortunes faced a massive hit. The steel industry’s collapse triggered a domino effect. It rippled through every corner of the city and the city was robbed of its assets. Gary’s population plummeted; by 2023. It had reduced to approximately 70, 000. The city’s population declined more over time and the community became less diverse

Michael Jackson's Hometown is now a ghost city
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Michael Jackson's Hometown is now a ghost city
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Michael Jackson’s Childhood Home: A Glimpse into the Past

The heart of this ghost city holds the history of a global icon. The town carries the childhood home of Michael Jackson at 2300 Jackson Street. This modest two-bedroom house stands as a monument and marks the origins of a global music icon. A statue in Gary City honors Michael’s memory and contributions to the world of music. His years within these walls shaped the course of an exemplary career. It also holds the history of his siblings who would also rise to international fame. 

Michael Jackson's Hometown is now a ghost city
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The Dollar Home Project: A Failed Revival Effort

The year 2019 marked a ray of hope for Gary with the Dollar Home Project. Houses were sold for just 1 USD with the hope of breathing life back to the city and bringing more people in. But what seemed a deal unparalleled, quickly faded. The real costs following these dollar deals came to light. Homes falling apart at the seams required investments far beyond their purchase price. Economic, social, and structural barriers loomed large, damaging the city’s hope for rebirth. 

The initiative, although well-intentioned, fell short. Experts from similar revival projects suggest that it was not just a matter of selling homes, but of recreating the social fabric and the years of neglect.

Michael Jackson's Hometown is now a ghost city
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Once the ‘Murder Capital of the USA’!

In the year 1993, Gary earned the infamous title of ‘murder capital of the USA’, with a staggering 110 killings. These harsh numbers carved out a dark narrative about the City. The murder rate peaked at 91 per 100, 000 residents—the highest in the nation at that time. A complex web of socio-economic decline and unemployment triggered the high rate of crimes. 

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Barrier Between Gary and its Neighboring City, Hammond

In 1981, the city council of Hammond, Indiana, built a barrier where 165th Street meets the border of Gary. This was planned to keep toxic flood water out. The initial idea was to build a temporary barrier. However, the barrier sparked controversy over the years as a separation between mostly-white Hammond and mostly-Black Gary. The barrier still remains between the two cities.

Michael Jackson's Hometown is now a ghost city
Image source: Wikipedia (Garry-Hammond Barrier)


The story of Gary, Indiana is a chorus of highs and lows, arriving at a juncture where its future remains unwritten. It stands as a talisman for cities grappling with similar industrial relics and the quest for rejuvenation. For those like Alex Rivera, who value conservation, cultural heritage, and the earth’s enigmas, the narrative of Gary’s past, present, and potential future offers a canvas for introspection and hope. As we respect its story, let us also imagine a future where the spirit of its past can harmonize with the melody of renewal.

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