Story Behind The Stunning Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius World's Largest Waterfall That Runs Over 3500 Meters Deep!

The Stunning Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius | World’s Largest Waterfall That Runs Over 3500 Meters Deep!

The world’s largest underwater waterfall is in the Ocean! This natural wonder is as deep as three times the height of Angel Falls, the tallest waterfall on land. It flows over 3500 meters deep and is beneath the Denmark Strait in the Ocean. The location is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts many visitors all around the world. This puzzles many across the world with the question, How could a waterfall exist in the ocean’s depths? The water in this part of the ocean is separated by denser, cold water and warm water. The separated cold water flows through the drop and into the ocean through a unique landscape in the submarine plateau called a ‘drop-off.’ Let’s dive deeper and unravel the story of this underwater marvel.

Story of the Underwater Waterfall: The Science Behind the Phenomenon

The Denmark Strait, a deep maritime passage between Iceland and Greenland, shelters the world’s largest underwater waterfall known as the Denmark Strait overflow. Running over 3500 meters tall, this subsea wonder upstages the tallest waterfall on land, Angel Falls.

It’s a place where ocean temperature and density diverge. Cold water is denser than warm water, and in the Denmark Strait, southward-flowing icy water from the Nordic Seas interacts with the warmer water from the Irminger Sea. The cold, dense water quickly settles below the warm water. Then it flows down through the drop-off and into the ocean floor. This waterfall runs an incredible 123 million cubic feet per second. It pushes our understanding of how nature carves wonders beneath the water’s surface—silent, hidden, and powerful.

Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius
Image source: Daily News
Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius
Image source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The Mauritius Underwater Waterfall Illusion

Beyond the Denmark Strait’s cold currents lies the warmer shores of Mauritius. The island, known for its vivid coastline, conceals an underwater waterfall illusion as seen from the skies. This phenomenon is not only driven by temperature contrasts but also by the topography of the ocean floor and the movement of sand and silt. They create a visual spectacle when observed from above. Beneath the inviting surface of the Indian Ocean, the seafloor abruptly reclines into the abyss, where sediment takes a mesmerizing descent, crafting an optical illusion that stirs the imagination and draws gazers from afar.

Underwater Waterfall in Mauritius
Image source: Quora / Reddit

Journey to the Illusion: How to Experience Mauritius’ Underwater Waterfall

The island invites explorers all year round to gaze upon the submerged marvel via sky-high helicopter tours, transformative boat excursions, or, for the daring diver, a submarine plunge. Yet, to capture the essence of the underwater waterfall, an aerial vantage point is the best.

Image source: Myroslava / Redbull / Travel awaits


The charm of underwater wonder extends beyond its visual charm to encompass a broader significance. It offers a window into the unseen dynamics that shape our planet. It’s a reminder of the inherent beauty and enigma that lie below the surface, awaiting discovery.

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