'Barbie' Movie Star, Margot Robbie Using Sign Language With A Deaf Fan Goes Viral!

Margot Robbie Using Sign Language With A Deaf Fan Goes Viral!

Margot Robbie has won the hearts of many across the world with her incredible acting skills. But recently, she earned more love and respect as she was seen using sign language to communicate with a deaf fan. This heartwarming interaction took place at the ‘Barbie’ movie premiere in Amsterdam.

Margot has been signing autographs when she spotted the fan doing the hand gestures. She quickly responded to the deaf fan saying “I know it!” She continued to use sign language to communicate with the fan with a few phrases like ‘Nice to meet you.” Just when we thought we couldn’t love her more, she proceeded to show more of her kindness.


Some commentators believe that the sign language could be Australian or British, but not American. She didn’t forget to take a picture with the fan to make it more memorable. Soon after the video went viral, the fan commented on a Twitter post saying “That me with Margot Robbie.”

Fans were overjoyed with the kindness she showed. One fan commented “She was really MOTHERING. We have no choice but to STAN even harder for her.”

Another fan wrote “So excited to see the world catch up with my favorite producer in Hollywood. actress, producer, businesswoman, and incredible human being. she’s so much more than just harley quinn.” Well, Margot certainly has more to her than good looks and skillful acting.

Margot has done some iconic roles in movies over the years. From playing the supervillain ‘Harley Quinn’ in Suicide Squad to playing a cute doll in ‘Barbie,’ she has shown a range of skills. Margot, 33 years old, has been in over 32 movies over the years.


The famous actress, Margot Robbie had the most heartwarming interaction with a deaf fan. Margot communicated with a deaf fan using sign language at the Amsterdam ‘Barbie’ movie premiere. This shows that our beloved actress has more to her than what meets the eye.

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