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Lachuné, Small-Town Star Singer Earns a Standing Ovation from Simon Cowell on AGT 2023.

Lachuné Boyd, a small-town girl from Fort Worth, Texas, is a part-time voice teacher who loves to sing. She learned and honed her skills at The Dallas School of Music. Now 31, she’s decided to share her voice with a bigger crowd. She recently surprised everyone, including the famously tough judge Simon Cowell, with her beautiful version of “Yellow” by Coldplay on the 2023 season of America’s Got Talent.

Despite Simon Cowell’s Vocal injury this season, He fights through it to praise the talent show cased by Lachuné & even gives her a whopping standing ovation.

Simon Cowell's comments on Lachuné's performance.
Source :instagram.com/lachunek

“You have a beautiful beautiful voice and I am really Fascinated by you”

Simon Cowell’s comments on Lachuné’s performance.

Her audition was met with high praise from the judges, who encouraged her to continue exploring her talents.

In this article, we will explore Lachuné’s inspiring story so far and the valuable lessons we can learn from her experience.

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Lachuné Bio

Credit : thedallasschoolofmusic.com

As you already know, Lachuné is a 31-year-old voice teacher from Fort Worth, Texas.

She was born and raised in South Carolina but has been living in Texas for the past four years.

Lachuné is a part-time voice teacher and also a student. She had been observing her family for most of her life, which held her back from pursuing her passion for singing. However, she started teaching voice lessons and found a way to work close to singing, which kept the spark alive.

The table below presents a comprehensive overview of this exceptional artist:

NameLachuné Boyd
BirthplaceSouth Carolina, USA
Current ResidenceFort Worth, Texas
OccupationVoice Teacher, Singer
Known ForAmerica’s Got Talent 2023 Contestant
AGT SeasonSeason 18, AGT 2023
Judge’s Feedback4 Yeses & Received standing ovation from Simon Cowell
GenrePop, Soul
EducationBachelor’s in Music Education
Performance ExperienceMore than a decade
InspirationsLauryn Hill, India Arie, Erykah Badu
Life GoalInspire others to pursue their passion

Lachune’s Social Media Links

Lachune admits that it took her a while to take the initiative to pursue her dream of singing. She spent most of her time teaching and pouring into her students, but she started to feel convicted about not taking her own advice. She knew she had to step out of her comfort zone and take the initiative to pursue her passion.

Lachune’s Performance on AGT 2023 : Yellow

Lachuné’s rendition of “Yellow on AGT was simply breathtaking. Her powerful, soulful voice brought a unique twist to the song, captivating both judges and audience. The song choice highlighted her vocal range and allowed her to convey deep emotion.

Throughout her performance, Lachuné radiated confidence and grace. It was evident that she was in her zone, effortlessly weaving the lyrics and melody together. The judges, especially Simon, acknowledged her talent with a unanimous ‘yes’.

Lachuné, who’s a part-time voice teacher and a student herself, understands the value of chasing dreams. Her decision to audition for AGT speaks volumes about her courage and determination.

In a nutshell, Lachuné’s performance of “Yellow” was a memorable highlight of the competition. Her passion for music was clearly evident and left a lasting impact on all. Everyone is eagerly anticipating her next performance.

Here is the full Audition video

Lachuné: Small town singer STUNS the judges with “Yellow” by Coldplay | Auditions | AGT 2023

Post-Audition Feelings

After her audition, Lachuné felt a surge of electric energy. She had taken a big step to highlight her talent, and it had definitely paid off. With positive feedback from the judges, she was excited about the new horizons opening up for her.
Spending most of her years observing others perform as a voice teacher, Lachuné knew it was time to step out of her comfort zone. By doing so, she broke free from the constraints holding her back, revealing her true persona to the judges.
The judges showered praise and encouragement on Lachuné’s audition. They were captivated by her talent and foresaw a promising future for her as a singer. Now, Lachuné is absorbing the feedback she received and looks forward to the unfolding future with excitement.
In conclusion, Lachuné’s audition was a triumph. She dared to risk and reaped the rewards. Now, she’s bubbling with a combination of excitement and anticipation, eagerly awaiting what’s next.

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