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How to Choose the Right Smart Lock Style for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Smart Lock Style for Your Home

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If you’re in search of a new smart lock for your home, you may be unimpressed by some of the styles available on the market right now. Don’t worry – there are beautiful and modern smart locks to be found if you know where to look, and we’re here to help.

We will walk you through the steps on how to choose the right smart lock style for your home, so that you can get all those smart home benefits without compromising in the design department.

Read on to learn more about key smart lock features, different style variations, and how to choose the perfect finish lock that will give your home the look and functionality you need.

Essential Features First

Style is key, but security always comes first when choosing a smart lock. Before you even consider appearance factors, make sure that you choose a quality lock that has all of the necessary features and no unwanted extras.

Some smart locks will be able to work with voice control, a keypad, and will let you control them by simply using an app on your phone, giving you easy access from wherever you may be to lock and unlock your home. The most advanced systems will also have touch-to-unlock capabilities, providing you with an effortless way to enter your home every day.

Keyless entry and remote access to locks are rapidly growing in popularity, and are quickly becoming an essential feature for consumers. If you want to be able to access your home effortlessly with touch, voice, or by using an app, then choosing a keyless lock may be the right solution for your home. 

A premium smart lock will also offer home security insights by letting you check your lock’s daily activity, seeing who has come and gone into your home, and when. You will also be able to send digital passes to friends and family, and set up auto-lock and unlock features to make entering your home a breeze.

Design and Construction

After you have chosen the smart lock with all of the essential features, it’s time to consider style. The look and feel of your lock is crucial and should match the appearance of your home as it is. 

Remember the various components of a smart lock system, and keep in mind the importance of cohesive design. You don’t want to mix and match the lock, keypad, or handleset. 

Take some time to analyze your entryway and doorstep, imagining what colors and design elements would best fit within your current framework. If you have an eye for aesthetics, you’ll intuitively recognize the best sizes, shapes, and color schemes that will make an optimal first impression for visitors. 

You also don’t want to compromise on the construction and feel of a smart lock system. The mechanism should be smooth, quiet, and give you the sense that your home is fully locked down no matter what. The best locks are practical while also delivering a modern look that will last for years to come. 

The Perfect Finish

Last but not least, you want the color of your lock to bring the best out of your home at first glance.

Today’s smart locks come in several different finishes, all of which will give your home an updated feel. Depending on the color of the exterior of your home and the color of your door, you can choose the best finish that will match your current palette, or one that will contrast well and make a statement.

For most home design styles, choosing a lock and door handle that stands out against the color of the door will help to ensure that your sleek hardware will not get lost. For example, if you have a door with a darker finish, such as charcoal gray or black, opt for chrome, brass, or other metallics. For lighter-colored doors with a white, beige, or light gray shade, choosing a matte black smart lock will make your home look fashionable and modern.

Technology is just part of the equation – highlight your luxurious lock and give your home an elegant look as well. Whichever finish you choose, you will be sure to fall in love with your new smart lock as soon as it’s installed.

Your Security, Your Style

Choosing the right smart lock style for your home may seem intimidating at first. With so many options at hand, we recommend you take time to research and weigh your options. 

Most importantly, you should start with specific features and design elements in mind. That way, you will be able to easily determine the right solution and style for your home. 

Remember that a well-designed lock, convenience, and security are key when selecting your new smart lock, so set your standards high.

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