This Man Was Pregnant With His Twin His Twin Grew Inside For 36 Years!

This Man Was Pregnant With His Twin | His Twin Grew Inside For 36 Years!

Born in 1963 in Nagpur, India, Sanju Bhagat‘s life was markedly different due to his unusually large abdomen. His belly resembled a pregnancy and it made him a subject of much curiosity and ridicule in his community. In June 1999, during an emergency surgery intended to remove what was believed to be a giant tumor, doctors made the shocking discovery of a twin inside!

For over 36 years, Bhagat lived carrying a parasitic twin. The half-formed twin carried jaws, limbs, hair, and all. This unusual condition is medically known as “fetus in fetu.” After the surgery, Sanju didn’t even want to look at his twin and called it ‘very ghastly.’ Let’s dive in to see how it has survived inside Sanju’s body for so long. 

Emergency Surgery Unveils a Shocking Truth

In June 1999, Bhagat’s condition took a drastic turn for the worse. His stomach swelled enormously, and he experienced severe breathing difficulties. Sanju was quickly taken to Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.

Dr. Ajay Mehta and his team prepared to remove a suspected tumor. However, the surgery took an unexpected turn when gallons of fluid were first released. Then horrifyingly, the malformed body of a twin with developed limbs and long fingernails appeared. Dr. Mehta described the moment as both shocking and horrifying, revealing the rare nature of Bhagat’s condition.

“Basically, the tumor was so big that it was pressing on his diaphragm and that’s why he was very breathless. Because of the sheer size of the tumor, it makes it difficult [to operate]. We anticipated a lot of problems.”

Dr. Ajay Mehta of Tata Memorial Hospital
man pregnant with his twin
Image source: The Daily Star / Unilad

Another doctor in the operating room recalled her experience. The twin has grown limbs, jaws, hair, and even parts of genitalia. The fetus was half-formed with developed hands and feet. 

“He (Dr. Mehta) just put his hand inside and he said there are a lot of bones inside. First, one limb came out, then another limb came out. Then some part of genitalia, then some part of hair, some limbs, jaws, limbs, hair.”

Another Doctor who conducted Sanju’s operation with Dr. Mehta. 

Understanding Fetus in Fetu

‘Fetus in fetu’ is an exceedingly rare phenomenon occurring early in twin pregnancy when one fetus envelops the other. The dominant twin develops normally, while the enveloped twin becomes a parasitic presence, living on its sibling’s body. 

The fetus inside forms something close to an umbilical cord with the host twin. The parasitic twin leaches on the host twin’s blood supply until it grows. However, as it grows, it begins to harm the host. 

In the more commonly known ‘vanishing twin syndrome,’ the lesser twin is reabsorbed completely. However, ‘fetus in fetu’ can result in one twin physically carrying the other. Documented cases of ‘fetus in fetu’ are incredibly rare, with fewer than 90 recorded instances worldwide. Bhagat’s case is indeed a medical marvel.

Sanju Bhagat’s Life Before and After the Discovery

For years, Sanju Bhagat had to endure not only physical discomfort but also social stigma, with villagers mockingly calling him pregnant. His condition was a constant source of personal shame and community ridicule. 

Following the surgery, Bhagat expressed a profound sense of relief, choosing not to see the extracted body of his twin. His breathing and health improved markedly immediately after the surgery, liberating him from years of pain and social embarrassment.

“He didn’t want to see it because it was looking very ghastly.” 

Dr. Ajay Mehta of Tata Memorial Hospital 

Where Is Sanju Bhagat Now?

Today, Sanju Bhagat leads a normal life, his health vastly improved since the operation. Though he still faces occasional teasing, the removal of his twin has allowed him a new lease on life. Follow-ups with Dr. Ajay Mehta and other medical professionals indicate no recurring medical issues, showcasing significant advances in understanding and treating such rare medical phenomena.

man pregnant with his twin
Image source: Twin Pregnancy and Beyond


Sanju Bhagat’s story is not just a medical curiosity but a profound example of the mysteries of human biology. This case highlights the extraordinary capabilities and adaptabilities of the human body, and it continues to be a point of interest for medical science, offering valuable insights into the complexities of twin pregnancies and fetal development. Bhagat’s story resonates not just in the medical community but as a reminder of the resilience and complexity of the human condition.

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