This Man Disappeared And Came Back After 30 Years | Came Back With The Same Clothes!

This Man Disappeared And Came Back After 30 Years | Came Back With The Same Clothes!

Imagine, one of your loved ones being missing and reappearing after 30 years! Even after 3 decades later, they return, unchanged, as if time had stood still for them. Sounds impossible right? This is the real-life story of Vasile Gorgos, a 63-year-old Romanian farmer, who vanished in 1991. He inexplicably reappeared 30 years later wearing the same clothes and with a train ticket from his day of disappearance in his pocket. Shockingly he was also in perfect health! Vasile’s return stirred a mix of shock, confusion, and countless questions. Adding to the mystery, Vasile recalls being “at home” all these years! Let’s dive into the details of this puzzling story.

The Day Vasile Disappeared

In the quiet town of Bacău, Romania, Vasile Gorgos lived a simple life as a farmer. His routine involved train travels to nearby cities to trade cattle. His business trips were usually short, lasting for a day or two. Vasile was also known for his punctuality. However, one day in 1991, he didn’t return as expected. 

His family, after waiting anxiously for days, initiated a search with local authorities but to no avail. Vasile had vanished without a trace. Over time, his family came to the heartbreaking conclusion that he must have died.

Man Disappeared And Came Back After 30 Years
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The Mysterious Return

On August 29, 2021, a random car pulls up at the Gorgos family home. According to his neighbors, the car that dropped him home rushed as soon he was out. From it steps out Vasile, 93 years old and looking exactly as he did 30 years ago. The sight of him, in the same clothes and holding a 30-year-old train ticket, left his family and neighbors in utter disbelief. 

Vasile claimed he had been “at home,” all this time. Yet he had no memory of the past 30 years like his kids growing up. He clearly remembered everything about his wife, home, work, and his life. Vasile couldn’t believe that so much time had gone by. His return was a joyous, yet bewildering event that left everyone with more questions than answers.

Who knows where he has been, who kept him, maybe he was forced to work

Gorgos’s son
Man Disappeared And Came Back After 30 Years
Image source: The US Sun / Inf. News (Image on the top right shows his train ticket from the day of his disappearance and the image on the bottom right shows his ID)

Vasile’s Medical Examination 

After his return, Vasile underwent medical examinations. All the investigations confirmed that he is in good physical health. Doctors also believed that someone else, if not himself has been taking good care of him all this time. Still, he had trouble recalling what happened since the day he left home. 

His only belief was that he was at home. Doctors assumed that he may be having neurological issues which are quite normal for his age. But everything else seemed perfectly fine and there were no logical explanations as to what happened. 

Man Disappeared And Came Back After 30 Years
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Theories Surrounding His Disappearance

Despite the joy of having Vasile back, his family and the wider community are left with a mindblowing mystery. Where had he been all these years? What led to his sudden disappearance and even more sudden return? Efforts to find answers continue, with the family appealing for any information about Vasile’s lost years.

Theories about his disappearance ranged from voluntary departure, forced labor, and an extramarital affair to more outlandish speculations like alien abduction. However, the most possible explanation might be a dissociative escape, triggered by stress or trauma. But, nobody has really figured out what actually happened to this day.

Image source: The Irish Sun


Vasile Gorgos’s story is a compelling reminder of life’s unpredictability and the mysteries that can defy explanation. It touches on the resilience of hope, the quest for understanding, and the complex nature of memory and identity. In a world where science and technology seem to have answers for everything, stories like Vasile’s remind us of the mysteries that remain just beyond our grasp, inviting us to wonder about the vast, unexplored depths of human experience.

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