An 8-year-old Girl Got Sucked Into A Pool Pipe Horrific End To A Family Vacation!

An 8-year-old Girl Got Sucked Into A Pool Pipe | Horrific End To A Family Vacation!

In a heart-wrenching incident, an 8-year-old girl faced a horrific end while simply enjoying a swim at a hotel in Houston, Texas. This tragedy unfolded at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, transforming a family’s leisure time into their worst nightmare. Aliyah Lynette Jaico was swimming in the hotel’s lazy river when she vanished from sight. The cause was something almost too bizarre to believe. She was “violently sucked” into a large pipe.

Details Of The Tragic Accident

Aliyah went missing while on a swim in the pool around 6 pm on March 23, 2024. Her disappearance triggered a desperate search by her family. When they could not find her, they asked the hotel to check the surveillance footage. The hotel, however, said they could only comply in the presence of police.

Once the authorities arrived, they checked the footage and the girl disappeared underwater after a while with no trace. However, by the time the authorities arrived and reviewed the footage, much time had passed.

Richard Nava, the attorney representing Aliyah’s family, shared the dreadful details. Aliyah was pulled 20 feet through a pipe and her body was twisted by the force. To rescue her, workers had to break concrete and cut the pipe open. Nava described the situation as “absolutely horrific.”The lawsuit filed by Aliyah’s family alleges a gaping oversight at the heart of this tragedy: a “12 to 16-inch unsecured open gap” in the pool’s flow system that suddenly trapped Aliyah.

Rescuers, including Tim Miller from Texas Equusearch, had to drain the pool and use cameras on poles to locate Aliyah. Her tiny body was lodged in the pipe. It was a discovery that shocked even Miller. He found it hard to believe that such a small child could be drawn so far into the infrastructure designed to circulate, not drain, pool water.

8-year-old Girl Got Sucked Into A Pool
Image source: The Mirror / Daily Star

In a statement that emphasized the tragedy, Nava pointed out the avoidable nature of Aliyah’s death. Furthermore, there was also an instance where Aliyah’s 5-year-old sister also faced the same at the pool. Fortunately, her 13-year-old sister came to the rescue.

“it could have been avoidable. Evidence points to this hotel ran an establishment with many violations. The pool was not in working order.”

Richard Nava

This terrible event raises numerous questions about safety and oversight in public recreational areas. The lawsuit points to what it describes as negligence on the part of the hotel operators.

The hotel, operated by Unique Crowne Hospitality LLC but branded under Hilton, expressed deep sadness over the incident. They highlighted their role as a third party separate from the hotel’s day-to-day operations. Meanwhile, the Houston Police are treating the case as an “apparent drowning.” But they are awaiting further investigation and autopsy results.

The parents are now suing the hotel for 1 million USD. However, the loss of their child is far greater than any monetary value.

Image source: NZ Herald


This tragedy is a stark reminder of how quickly joy can turn to sorrow, especially when safety measures fail. It’s a call to action for all facilities to rigorously inspect and secure their amenities to prevent such unthinkable incidents from occurring. For the family of Aliyah Lynette Jaico, life will never be the same. But their fight for justice in her name may prevent another family from suffering a similar fate.

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