This Is The Last Photo Of The Man Who Mysteriously Died In The Wilderness | He Wrote A Letter Before His Death!

At 24, Christopher McCandless left  everything - family, fortune, and name - for the Alaskan wilderness

His new home was an abandoned bus, Bus 142, deep in the forest. A quest for freedom soon turned tragic.

Chris's body was found 19 days after his death. His cause of death remained a mystery. Was it starvation or poison?

Raised in wealth yet surrounded by abuse, Chris sought escape. His sister reveals their harrowing childhood in 'The Wild Truth.

Dissapointed by the society's materialism, he donated his $24,000 savings, posession and ventured into the wild.

Trapped by the Teklanika River, Chris's last acts were a photo and a thank you note to the world.

Chris passed away on September 6,1992 with nothing and no one else beside.

Some believed Chris passed away from starvation. But there was some clues on his journal about being poisoned from Wild potato seeds.

Chris's journey led many to seek Bus 142. But some ended up being lost and a few dead.

To preserve its legacy and ensure safety, Bus 142 now resides at the University of Alaska Museum of the North.

Chris McCandless's life reminds us of the fine line between seeking freedom and the realities of nature.