How To Resolve TikTok No Network Connection Problem?

How To Resolve TikTok No Network Connection Problem?

Are you experiencing a ‘No Network Connection’ issue when using the TikTok application? Then jump on this article. Here are a few solutions to fix it. Now, TikTok is going crazy globally with over a billion followers. Its content creation and features are different when you compare it to other social media platforms. However, like other applications, some issues occur on the TikTok platform. Sometimes ‘No Network Connection’ messages will appear on the platform. More users on TikTok share their ideas to help others resolve the issues. If you like to help others fix the problems, share your experience of fixing the issues. To make your content go viral on the platform, you can also buy tiktok likes, which is the strategic move to increase the reach. Here we are discussing some effective solutions to fix the issues on TikTok. Let’s kickstart this article to know more.

1. Check TikTok’s Servers

If you encounter any issues like network connection problems in the TikTok application, the first thing is that you have to check that the servers are running correctly. Most of the servers may up and run normally, but sometimes it may get down, and the messages pop up. But, get to know that there is no feature on TikTok to check the issues on the servers. However, you can find the status of TikTok’s servers by using the third-party site application.

2. Restart TikTok Application

Whenever you face the ‘No Network Connection’ problem, you have to restart the application. There may be some problem with the application while loading the resources from your smartphone that causes the issues, and the error message is displayed.

Restart TikTok Application On Android: If you have an Android device and face the ‘No Network Connection’ issues, then restart your device by following the below steps.

  • On your device, go to settings and click it.
  • In the setting, click the ‘Apps’ tab at the bottom of the ‘Settings’ main page.
  • Next, from the list, tap the TikTok app.
  • Now, you will find the ‘Force Stop’ button and click it to stop the application from running in the background.
  • Finally, move over to the main menu and initiate the TikTok app.

But, get to know that the process may vary on the model of your Android phone. If you have fixed the ‘No Network Connection’ problem on TikTok, on the specified modeled phone like One Plus or any other phone, create content that helps others. Better for a higher reach, try out Tikviral that enhances the content exposure and helps others fix the issues completely.

Restart TikTok Application On iOS: Restarting the TikTok application on iOS is very simple compared to Android devices. If you want to continue the TikTok app on your iPad or iPhone, follow the below steps.

  • Unlock your iPad or iPhone and ensure it is on the main screen. Then open the ‘App Switcher.
  • Next, in the App Switcher, find the TikTok app and swipe it until it disappears from the list.
  • Now, go to the main screen and click the TikTok app to initiate it.
  • Lastly, play a few videos to ensure that the error message won’t appear on the screen and verify that the ‘No Network Connection’ doesn’t occur.

3. Restart Your Device

If your TikTok app doesn’t work, try to restart your device to stop all background processes and clear the system resources. If there are insufficient resources on the device to use TikTok, it won’t function properly.

  • Just click the power button.
  • Click restart.
  • The device will restart in two to three minutes.

4. Clear TikTok’s Cache (Android)

Whatever application you are using, there is a cache used in the application to load content faster. It is also the app’s resources stored in your smartphone when using the internet. If the cache gets corrupted, there will be issues connecting to the internet.

If you want to clear all the app’s cache, read below.

  • On your Android smartphone, search App Drawer and open the Settings
  • Go over settings and click the Apps tab.
  • Next, click the TikTok app.
  • Then, tap on Storage and click on the Clear Cache button.

Once you have cleared the cache on TikTok, restart your phone and start to use the app. If you play a few videos, you can determine that the issues are fixed with the network connection. Further, if you experience problems, check the Permissions on the TikTok app. So, you can fix the problems.

5. Check Your Device Permission

If you have disabled the device permission to access the internet, there ‘No Network Connection’ message will appear on the application. Therefore, ensure to follow the below guide to grant permission for the application to access the internet connection.

  • Open the App Drawer, then go to Settings.
  • Click the Privacy tab.
  • Tap the Permission Manager.
  • Finally, you can access TikTok with permission.

Wrapping It up

The above are the few solutions to resolve the ‘No Network Connection’ problem on the TikTok application. If you know more ways to solve the issues, create the content and leverage Tikviral for a better reach. Also, you can share your ideas to help readers to know more.

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