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Complete Guide to Female Styling for a Hip-Hop Music Video

<strong>Complete Guide to Female Styling for a Hip-Hop Music Video</strong>

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One of the best things about hip-hop music videos is how great everyone looks. If the people in the videos didn’t dress a certain way, the entire aesthetic of the video would be off. To accomplish this goal, whether you’re participating in a hip-hop video, directing one, or just want to emulate one in your personal life, there are a few simple things you’ll want to think about. Below is everything you need to know about dressing in hip-hop style, as you see in the videos. 


The first thing to keep in mind is the color schemes. Back in the day, hip-hop relied on some wild color combinations. This was noticeable among both women and men. However, as time went by, the trends changed significantly. 

Although hip-hop still utilizes strong colors, the combinations are not as chaotic as they were in the 90s. Nowadays, female hip-hop performers often wear green, blue, and pink fluorescent shades. 


There is a wide range of shirts you can wear to fit into the hip-hop style. Some prefer large, baggy t-shirts while others prefer them tighter. When it comes to your shirt, you want to avoid anything too constricting, however. You won’t find too many people in a fully buttoned-up, long-sleeve shirt in hip-hop music videos. 

Tank tops are especially popular among female artists. You also have certain performers who wear excessively revealing shirts so they can showcase tattoos and other bodily features. 


When most people think of the hip-hop style, they often think of baggy, low-hanging jeans. And while this style is still very much a part of hip-hop, it’s not your only option. Many artists within hip-hop are now choosing instead to go with slimmer, tighter-fitting pants. Also, jeans and khakis both work equally well, depending on the other elements of your outfit. 

Try to choose a style of pants that complements the shirt that you choose. For example, you likely don’t want to go with very baggy pants and a tight-fitting shirt or tight pants and a baggy shirt. 


You may think that during your hip-hop shoot, the camera won’t be on your feet too much. However, you never know what your shoes might get on screen, and shoes are a big part of the hip-hop style. 

You’ll want to find yourself either a real nice pair of sneakers or a good pair of boots. High heels are not uncommon in music videos especially given that the ladies try to be as glamorous as possible. They can look pretty good for certain dance routines, especially when a performer knows what she’s doing. However, they are not necessarily regarded as the traditional hip-hop style. 


Accessories have always been an important part of the hip-hop culture. So much so that these artists are considered the biggest trendsetters. Valid options include belts, hats, sunglasses, or other jewelry, like watches and chains.

 If you have a hip-hop tattoo, you can also find a way to accentuate it with your outfit (such as rolling up your sleeves to expose it). Accessories are another good way to get your outfit to stand out by just adding in a little touch. You should think about the message you are trying to convey with your outfit and how your accessories can help you do that. 

For example, if you want to give off the vibe of being from the South or working hard all day, you might wear some sunglasses or a bandana. Adding a simple accessory to your outfit can change the entire style, so think carefully about what it is you want to say with your outfit, then find the perfect accessory to accomplish that goal. 

If you have a lot of people on the set, you might consider purchasing wholesale necklaces for the entire group; buying wholesale will help you with long-term costs because you can save money by purchasing in bulk and reuse them in the future. Among others, you can repurpose them during tours. 

Put It All Together

The best way to style yourself for a hip-hop music video is by trying out different combinations of the items listed above and seeing what works. Grab yourself a baggy hoodie and jeans, add a gold chain, and see how that looks. 

If you don’t like it, switch it out for something more slimming, then add in some sunglasses. With enough research online for ideas, and enough trial and error, you should be able to come up with a hip-hop outfit that you love. Then you’ll be ready to shoot the music video and start influencing everyone who watches it. 

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