Plastic surgery has advanced in a manner that it is difficult to believe its existence back in the decades. Apart from the fact that people embrace the idea of enhancing their physical structure, surgery methods have experienced an upward shift in sophistication and professionalism.

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The paparazzi: to enhance appearance into a much-preferred one.

The means: an expert & certified plastic surgeon.

How do you get one?


First, you should understand that plastic surgery is not a “one-for-all” practice. Your appearance should be strictly designed by you, but a good recommendation will fit by a plastic surgeon. So, as much as you desire a new appearance, consider the surgeon’s assessment of your proposition.

The reason is, experienced surgeons understand the aftermath of an unfitting surgery — the individual will look more like a deformed being. Hence, a professional surgeon pictures the outcome of a surgery even before it occurs.

Criteria for choosing a certified plastic surgeon:

Board Certification:

The plastic surgeon on your wishlist should be board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery – ABPS. Going through the consultation scheduling, you should check if the surgeon possesses such certification. However, as a medical personnel, he/she is subject to numerous medical credentials. It could be quite confusing, anyway; medical stuff could look like jargons at times.

But, in all, search for his certification with the ABPS. This might require you requesting for his pictures, case studies, testimonials or paper certificates. Plus, to qualify for an American-certified surgeon, he should be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is purposely to affirm that he is marked and accredited as a specialist in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

Style and Approach to Surgery

Plastic surgery requires some creative skill in addition to certification and medical expertise. The surgeon-of-your-choice should adapt easily to your aesthetic goals. You might need to review his gallery of successful cases, and compare it to your aesthetic demands. For instance, could check out their body type, body size, skin type and cosmetic outlook — before and after. Some plastic surgeons specialise strictly on one area of the body, or even with one approach.

Surgical Facilities

A certified surgeon must meet the standards of establishing surgically-required facilities. Just like a medical certification for surgeons, there are accreditation credentials for their operation facilities: Find out the AAAASF, AAAHC, JCAHQ and the IMQ facility certification or another approved accreditation body.

Also, confirm his surgery assistants or co-surgeons. Anesthesia should be administered by only qualified anesthesia renderers, or a certified MD/DO anesthesia medical personnel.

Patient Reviews

Inquire for the reviews of patients who had undergone surgery under the surgeon. Carefully study the reviews and assessments. This will help in establishing your judgement towards the plastic surgeon.

Having reviewed a detailed guide into choosing a board certified surgeon, here’s what you should not do:

● Don’t overlook a surgeon based on his fee charge. It does not automatically translate to expertise.

● Don’t visit a surgeon just because of his geographical proximity to your area. Be willing to pay the price for distance.

● Don’t kick against appointment schedules.

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