How to Maintain Your Dirt Bike And Keep It in Top Condition

How to Maintain Your Dirt Bike And Keep It in Top Condition

Riding a dirt bike can be an exhilarating experience. Just taking off into the wild terrain with the power of a bike is one of the most freeing experiences on Earth. However, before jumping on a track or powering through the trees, be sure the bike is in proper working condition with these basic maintenance tips.

Understanding Basic Maintenance and Its Importance

The first thing any new dirt bike owner wants to do is personalize the bike and take it out for a ride. Well, before applying that YZ 85 graphics kit, it may be a good idea to learn some basic maintenance tips to ensure the bike stays in proper working order.

Without the proper care for a bike, not only will it begin to look less than sporty, but it may also start to perform less than sporty as well. Proper cleaning and proper maintenance help to ensure the bike looks good and runs smoothly for many years to come.

Ride, Wash, Repeat

One of the more important tasks a rider can do after every venture is to wash their bike. Each trip out has the potential to cover the bike in dirt and debris. Not only will this dirt cake on and make the bike look rough, but it can also increase the wear and corrosion of the bike. A thorough cleaning after each ride can help prolong the life of the machine.

Oil the Moving Parts

There are a variety of moving parts on a dirt bike that need to be able to move freely at all times. For example, the bike’s cables need to be cleaned and lubricated after a good ride. Water and dirt can seep into the cables. Cleaning this out and preventing corrosion can keep the bike running like new. Do not forget to clean and lube the chain as well.

Secure the Non-Moving Parts

In addition to keeping the moving parts moving, the non-moving parts need to stay secure. Bolts, nuts, handlebars, wheels, and other stationary parts need to be inspected and tightened as needed. One of these things coming loose during a ride could be dangerous. These things should also be inspected for damage and repaired between each ride to ensure safety.

Mind the Air

The motor of the bike needs proper airflow to perform as it should. If the air filter gets too dirty, it may not allow enough air in. The air filter should be checked before each ride. Cleaning or even replacing the filter may be necessary from time to time.

Another important air that must be acknowledged before venturing into the dirt is the air in the tires. Low tire pressure could make it difficult to steer the bike. Sometimes, the tire pressure needs to be adjusted for different terrains. Setting the pressure back to the safe margins after each ride is a good habit to start.

No Leaks Here

All the fluids must be checked to ensure the proper levels before each ride. A good idea is to inspect the bike thoroughly for any leaks. If the fluids seem to get low too fast, there may be a leak somewhere. These fluids are vital for the proper functionality of the bike. Low levels could cause damage to the bike or even cause accidents while riding.

These daily tasks will ensure each ride is safe and smooth. It will also help to prolong the look and feel of the bike. However, there are also a variety of other maintenance tips that need to be performed periodically, like regular bearing and oil changes, as well as other adjustments. These tasks will increase the longevity of the bike and the fun.

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