6 Landscaping Tips to Increase Your Client’s Property Value

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Experts have warned that house prices could fall by 20% in Australia in the next 18 months. However, there are ways you can help homeowners increase their property value by sprucing up their landscapes. 

In this post, we’ve put together six landscaping tips that will bump up the prices of your clients. properties if they want to sell, you can also browse the internet and search for landscape design Roswell Georgia to get ideas. For heavy-duty renovations, find an excavator for sale Melbourne contractors trust, or you can also find heavy equipment rentals in order to decrease costs. You’ll also need to find a high-quality skid steer loader for sale to complete certain jobs. Continue reading to find out more!

  1. Plant Trees for Larger Landscapes 

Planting the right trees on a property can create shade and reduce utility costs by $800 a year. But if your clients want to increase their property value by $50,000 then suggest planting tree canopies in the yard. 

To prevent leaf coverage during autumn, plant evergreens. You should also plant trees deep into the ground so that their roots don’t destroy property walkways. To dig holes deep enough to plant trees you’ll need a quality excavator for the job. Using the correct machinery will speed up digging jobs and help you complete tasks successfully. 

  1. Build a Fire Pit

Another feature that could bump up property value is a large fire pit in the backyard. This feature?s popularity can contribute to a faster sale.

Fire pits are incredibly popular because they keep people warm, especially when hosting an outdoor event. They’re also visually appealing and add a cosy atmosphere to your garden. 

One of the benefits of building a fire pit is that they?re easy to construct. Depending on the design your clients are looking for it won’t take more than 3 to 4 days to build. Homeowners will be happy to know that adding a fire pit in the backyard can increase property value by 15% to 40%.

  1. Create Privacy 

Most property buyers won’t invest in a home that doesn’t have walls. This is because a barrier adds a level of security and privacy when stepping out into the garden. But how you build walls for properties can also affect their value. 

Solid concrete or brick walls need to have a stable foundation so they don?t topple over. Homeowners can then install security features on top of solid walls such as CCTV cameras. On the other hand, you can also install sustainable walling such as shrubs or green walls to improve the biodiversity of the landscape. 

If your clients want quick home sales, suggest adding boundary walls to the property so new owners can enjoy their outdoor living space in peace. 

  1. Add a Water Feature

Adding a water feature to a landscape is an ideal choice if you want to create a focal point. Water fountains and ponds also provide many benefits such as: 

  • Reduced sound pollution 
  • Inviting more bees and dragonflies into gardens
  • Promoting a healthier garden 
  • The soothing sound of flowing water 
  • Removing pollutants from the air 

The aesthetics of a water feature can attract potential buyers and it creates a positive image in the mind of the buyer when they consider that property. Building a water feature is also easier compared to other types of landscape features such as outdoor kitchens. 

You can either build a water feature from scratch or install a premade one. You’ll need a skid steer loader to remove heavy rubble when creating the foundation for this renovation. 

  1. Improve a Walkway 

A walkway that’s bumpy, narrow, or unlit can decrease property value because it can be a safety hazard. Dig up old walkways with an excavator and move the rubble with your skid steer loader. Create a walkway that’s wide and has edging in case your client wants to grow gardens on the side. 

To add to the aesthetic of the property you can create interesting walkways with: 

  • Stepping stones 
  • White gravel 
  • Pavers dyed specific colours 
  • Natural stone  
  • Cobblestone 
  • Stamped concrete 

No matter what type of walkway you build ensure you add sufficient lighting. You can install solar lights along the edge of the pathway to help clients save on energy costs. Proper lighting can help people see where they?re walking in low-light conditions. 

An aesthetically pleasing and safe pathway can improve property value and even encourage a quicker sale. 

  1. Build a Deck or Patio 

Patios and decks provide a sheltered area for homeowners to relax or host events. These structures can be attached to the home or away from the house near a swimming pool. It provides an extra space for homeowners to decorate with outdoor furniture and lighting. 

Decks or patios are ideal if homeowners want to add outdoor kitchens or barbeque areas. You can also install a fireplace so people can keep warm during the winter. 

Although installing a patio or deck can be expensive, your clients can enjoy up to 100% return on investment because the property value will significantly increase. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways you can help clients build functional features onto their landscape to increase property value. If you’re starting as a contractor, you can find high-quality equipment for sale that will help you complete your projects successfully. Use the tips in this article and let us know if you have other ways to improve your clients. property value. 

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