How can An Accurate Job Description Prevent Discrimination-Related Lawsuit?

In many companies in the United States, discrimination cases are on the rise. Despite giving employee’s handbook, there have been several instances of discrimination at various levels and reasons such as age, race, color and origin. Many a time, employees come up with the issue that they were not offered job responsibilities because of their physical appearance, weight and frame and even the qualifications. That’s why, they try to hire a New York employment law attorney and look for solutions. Let’s discuss how an accurate job description can reduce the number of discrimination cases:

The impact of a job description

The scope of work is clear in the job description. Whenever a candidate applies for a job, he or she first reads it to figure out whether he is eligible for the job or not. An ideal job description must include the following details:

  • The appropriate job title
  • Elaborative job description
  • Job functions, duties, requirements, location 
  • Required, additional and specific job responsibilities
  • Qualifications, technical, soft skills, credentials and education
  • Attendance and performance expectations

One of the reasons why it is suggested to provide complete details about the job description is that whenever an employee files a lawsuit, he brings about these details as evidence. That’s why, there should not be any mismatch between what you offer to your employees and what they had applied for. This way, the chances of filing a lawsuit are fewer.

Discrimination based on under qualifications or disability

There have been instances where employees have reported that they did not offer specific responsibility at work because the management was biased. After investigation, it was revealed that the candidate was not suitable for the job. For instance, a candidate may be hired for lifting 50 pounds of weight from one location to another. If he has met with an accident and is unable to do so, he should be offered an alternative job duty. In this case, no valid case can be filed against the company or management. He should not feel that he was being discriminated against. 

The attorney will always look at the facts of the case before filing a lawsuit and ensure that the employee’s complaint is relevant and genuine. That’s why, it is strongly recommended to consult an employment lawyer before taking any decision. Most of them offer free consultations to employees in need. After discussing your matter with him, you can take the right steps. 

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