9 Important SEO Metrics To Track

When it comes to digital marketing, it is very important to check the performance of your SEO. This is very paramount especially when you just started using a new strategy, you would want to know if you are on the right path or you may need another strategy. Here are 9 important metrics to track. Also, check here for the leading eCommerce website developers.

● Organic Traffic

This is probably the most important SEO metric to track. Organic traffic refers to visitors that come to your website’s search engine pages. This does not include traffic from paid advertisements. The main goal is to rank high on search result pages and in turn, increase your organic traffic.

● Bounce Rate

This SEO metric is concerned with the number of people that visit your pages without taking any actions. These visitors do not make it past the first page. You want to make sure this metric is as low as possible.

● Click-Through Rate (CTR)

This SEO metric aims to measure and record the number of people who visit your website after finding it on search engine pages. For example, if 2000 people saw your page on search engine result pages (SERP) and

only 20 people clicked through to your website or blog, then your click-through rate is 10%.

Note: You should know that a low CTR may signify that your title description is not captivating enough or users do not find your content relevant.

● Pages Per Session

After the click-through rate, another important SEO metric you want to track is the pages per session metric. This has to do with how many pages a user visited in a session. A session is usually 30 minutes. This metric is accurate enough to show the total engagement of visitors.

● Exit Rate

This SEO metric helps you rank your exit pages. Exit pages as the name suggests are the last pages people visited before exiting your website or blog. The pages that rank high are usually pages that make people lose interest in your website.

● Page Load Time

The amount of time it takes the pages on your website to load can make or break your website. Slow page load time will cause a bad user experience for your visitors.

● Core Web Vitals

In 2020, core web vitals are introduced as a new SEO metric. Core web vitals aim to make the user experience for visitors better. It measures your website’s user experience by measuring mostly the page speed and performance.

● Backlinks

Backlinks are those links from external sources connected to your website. The quality of a backlink is better than quantity. Therefore, ten backlinks from very recognized domains are better than 100 backlinks from average domains.

● Keyword Ranking

This SEO metric helps you to monitor the rankings of the keywords used on your website. SEMrush is a great tool to help you with this metric. It will give you an idea of the keywords to continue to implement on your site and the ones to do away with.

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