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How Not to Store Your Vape Pen & Vape Juice (+ Top 5 Recommends)

How Not to Store Your Vape Pen & Vape Juice (+ Top 5 Recommends)

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If you are a beginner in the world of vaping then you might not have heard terms like cartridges, vaporizers or even vape mods. These are all terms related to one aspect i.e. vaping. A vape pen is a disposable or rechargeable small vape pen which heats up the content (marijuana, e-liquids,etc) at an exact temperature and as a result of this certain oil-like substances in the form of mist are formed which are inhaled by users. 

Now these e-liquids can be less than ideal if they are not stored properly. If the e-liquid is nicotine based or even vegetable oil (VG) based, it might become smelly and taste like rotten fruit. This phenomenon also holds true for fruit flavored vape e-liquids too. But it can be slowed down and prevented upto a certain extent by using some storage processes. Today we are here to discuss those.

The three components which can affect a e-liquid’s ability are:

  • Heat
  • Air
  • Light

How Does Heat Impact A Vape Liquid’s Taste?

The fundamental problem with heat is that it can alter the chemicals present in the vaping liquid and hence impact its working mechanism. For example-hotter molecules contain more energy and hence when heat is applied towards them they break down very easily and form other smaller molecules. So these smaller molecules can in turn alter the taste and effect of the e-liquid and hence you do not store them in any place where it gets extremely hot or someplace near the microwave oven, etc.

How Does Light And Air Impact A Vape Liquid’s Taste?

Light and air has oxygen and ultraviolet rays from the sun; both of which have adverse effects on nicotine. For example- nicotine reacts with oxygen to form cotinine and this results in loss or gain of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen atom. The ultraviolet light acts as a catalyst in this process and provides heat like energy. If the reaction occurs more often then there will be less and less nicotine in your e-liquid. Hence do not store your e-liquid in an open area and more specifically near sunlight.


Then you must be wondering how to store the vape liquid? Here is how

Your purchased e-liquids should always be stored inside the freezer as this keeps both air and sunlight out of the reach of the e-liquid. The freshness of nicotine will also remain intact in this process. If possible store it inside the freezer and not the fridge, as the ice cold temperature there aids in keeping the integrity intact. For long-term storage, however, it is best to freeze it.

What About Containers?

The best aspect about selecting the right container is about choosing the material. You see glass containers or glass bottles are a great long term solution but some people prefer to keep the e-liquids in plastic bottles. It can be served as a short term solution but plastics heat up more quickly than glass and hence you should refrain from doing so. Also try to use a dark colored bottle or container in order to limit the effect of light.

How To Store Vape Pens?

Be careful while handling vape pens as many times in the past vape pens have fallen in the hands of children and they suffered some serious injuries. IMPORTANT- Do not use a vape pen if you are under 21 years of age.

Hence try to keep your vape pen or vape kit in a safe place or in a well hidden container or others. Try to warn minors in your household about how the incorrect usage of vape pens can cause harm to them, etc.

Also remember to place the vape pen on its side or upside down so that dust, dirt or other substances cannot easily get into the device. 

Since leakage is a great problem with cartridges, it is better to purchase carts from trusted manufacturers who use strong reliable materials like pyrex or metal or an alloy to skip through this problem. You can also purchase a vape cartridge storage bag for your vaping kit or pen or cartridge. If possible, keep your cartridge upright with the mouthpiece facing upwards unless it’s in a childproof container. This could increase the likelihood of vape pen e-liquid leaking.


Try to follow through the process of effective storage for your vape pen or the overall kit. Also do not mix your e-liquid with other liquids as you might never know what the atoms in a particular e-liquid will do when mixed with the other atoms. Always use manufacturer specified e-liquid and store it in the freezer.

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