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5 home decor tips for the summer

Summer is here and now is the perfect time to make your house summer-ready. The hot outdoors and heatwave make your home an optimal place to relax and chill so why not change the home’s atmosphere a little bit?

Cramped and overcrowded interiors can leave your home feeling more humid than the outdoors. So here are some home décor tips to make your home look fresh and all ready for the hot summer.

  1. Change the setting, not your furniture

Save and outfit your space without splurging on any new furniture. Turn your existing furniture towards the windows, and use bright-colored cushions and accessories to let them shine in natural light. Use short curtains for your windows made in soft and natural fabrics to give an elegant and summery vibe to your windows.

  • Bring the freshness inside

Give your home a breath of fresh air with more flowers and indoor plants. It can instantly uplift your mood and change the way your space looks. The more plants, the better the airflow will be.

  • Keep it light and summery

It is summer which means time to add something lighter to your space. Clear your bed by putting away pillows and blankets that make you feel warm and cozy. Throw in something lighter and bright for the much-needed summer touch. Think natural fabrics, floral-prints for the ultimate summer feel.

  • Go for bright and unique colors

Make sure your home looks bright and inviting. Add bright blues, yellows, and tangerines to your cushions and curtains to instantly enliven your space. But if you’re not up for vibrant hues opt for muted colors in Scandinavian bold and boho designs, even florals in light colors can come to your rescue.

  • Bring in the summer accessories

Decorate the change of setting in your place with summer accessories. Place natural plants near your windows or on the balcony. Ditch the lamps and chandeliers, and make sure your room has ample natural light. Summer is also the time to put away the dark and old rugs, and replace them with gorgeous hand-knotted rugs and carpets in vibrant colors that will definitely bring a summer touch to the floor as well. From terra-cotta earthenware to Rattan wall decor, summer is all about light, fun, beachy, summery vibes for your homes.

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Finally, to make your home feel airy and fresh, make sure to get rid of heavy drapes and thick bedding. Sheer curtains, light breathable fabrics for your sheets, and bed linens should be your BFF this season.

Remember to space out the furniture whenever possible. Summers can be stuffy and hot, but with these tips, the end result should be an airy and breathable space perfect for the hot and humid weather.

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