Learn more about your dreams with DreamApp

All people dream. But why does someone remember their dream and retell it in detail, and someone is not even sure if he dreamed at least something? Dream interpretation is very complex, but at the same time an interesting topic.

Interpretation of dreams with a mobile application

DreamApp is not an ordinary dream book, everything is much more interesting here. There is a special algorithm using artificial intelligence, giving a detailed analysis of your sleep, based on the data you entered. They also have a huge library of symbols about dreams on their website, all in one place, which is very convenient. Interpretation of dreams is a very interesting and entertaining pastime.

To this day, experts cannot solve the problem and there is no definite answer. but there are some interesting theories about the function of dreams.

What are dreams?

Dreams are spontaneous occurrences during sleep. The images we present come from our brain. As a result, dreams often seem realistic, although for the most part they are fantasy. But why exactly do we dream? This question continues to excite people for centuries.

Dreams help process information coming in during the day

During the day, a lot of things happen to us, thoughts and events do not stop for a minute, and at the end of the day, each of us is burdened with a lot of very different information. Dreams help bring order to this chaos and, in a way, reset our minds. In this way, for example, we can suddenly come to the solution of problems that we have been thinking about for a long time. In addition, dreams are believed to stimulate creativity. Larry Page, for example, came up with the idea for Google through a dream.

Dreams teach you how to deal with dangerous situations

During REM sleep, the fight-or-flight response is much faster. That’s why sometimes we suddenly wake up from a nightmare or a bad dream, in a cold sweat. Or tired after a night of fighting with some enemy. Anything but pleasant dreams. However, such dreams help prepare for real life situations.

Do dreams really matter?

Sometimes dreams seem absurd, meaningless. But, some psychologists argue that dreams have a deeper meaning than the simple experience of the day. For example, when you have dreams with a repetitive plot, perhaps this is how the subconscious wants to clarify something. In other words, dreams can give an idea of ​​what we are unconsciously struggling with, what we are striving for. Sleep well, and let only pleasant dreams come true!

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