How Much Does It Cost To Date Taylor Swift?

Are you a Swifty Fan? Do you love Taylor Swift? But after knowing how much it costs to date Taylor Swift, You might have second thoughts. Taylor’s love comes with a hefty price tag, Just ask Travis Kelce, who’s been on a mission to keep up with Taylor’s star-studded lifestyle, dropping a staggering $8 Million in just six months to keep their romance alive. Let’s dive into the details of, on what Travis has been dropping cash to impress Taylor.

Extravagant Valentine’s Treat

Let’s start with Valentine’s Day. Travis spared no expense, shelling out over $20,000 on gifts for Swift, including a $3,000 piece from Daum, a French crystal maker, symbolizing eternal love. But that was just the beginning. Travis went on to purchase two luxurious boxes filled with 250 roses, totaling over $2,000, along with a $5,100 Hermes scarf, a Bottega Veneta handbag worth $5,100, and a $1,050 beret from Dior. Earlier in their relationship, Travis gifted Taylor a pair of gold bracelets, each adorned with diamonds forming the letters ‘TNT’—Travis and Taylor—for a reported $6,000.

Travis’s Lavish Mansion for Taylor

Moving on to their new mansion, Travis spared no expense, acquiring a sprawling 17,000 square-foot estate boasting six bedrooms, a Beverly Hills-style pool, and a vast garden for privacy, all to impress Taylor. This grand gesture set him back a cool $6 million.

Following Taylor Across Continents

Now, let’s delve into the logistics of keeping up with Taylor’s jam-packed schedule. Flying around the globe to catch his girlfriend’s performances and squeezing in quality time between their busy calendars is estimated to have cost Travis over $1.5 million. Just one of Travis’s whirlwind trips—from Los Angeles to Hawaii, then onto Sydney to see Taylor—last month racked up a bill of over $300,000, according to Michael Giordano, a guru from Cirrus Aviation Services.

Tailoring the Perfect Super Bowl Experience for Taylor

Lastly, let’s touch on the cost of giving his girlfriend a front-row seat to his action on the field. Kelce spared no expense, spending a cool $1 million on an exclusive suite for Swift at the last Super Bowl. This wasn’t just any suite; it was packed with VIPs, including Taylor’s parents Andrea and Scott, her brother and his partner, plus a circle of stars like Ice Spice and Blake Lively, not to mention Kelce’s own family, including his parents, his brother Jason, and sister-in-law Kylie.

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