America's Most Popular Donut Flavours Revealed! Explore The Favourite Donut Choices in All US States.

America’s Most Popular Donut Flavours Revealed! | Explore The Favourite Donut Choices in All US States.

Scrumptious donuts are one of the most popular sweet treats in the USA. If you are a donut enthusiast, this will surprise you this National Donut Day. Glazed donuts have become the most popular donut in 15 states. Long John, Jelly, and Chocolate frosted flavours were determined as the least popular out of all. 

Donuts are among the top 50 food items that all Americans enjoyGoogle search queries across the USA in the past 12 months have identified the most exciting donut flavours and toppings. If you haven’t tried the variety of flavours, this National Donut Day is perfect for you to treat yourself to the best.

Glazed donuts have secured the top spot as a simple and a classic.  Los Angeles, Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, and Kentucky are a few of the 15 states that prefer Glazed donuts over other flavours. Tennesse and Georgia have supposedly shown more preference towards Glazed chocolate donuts

Cronut that has reached the second place on the list is a combination of a croissant and a donut. Chef Dominique Ansel introduced the cronuts in 2013. Also, New York prefers cronuts more, according to the search data on Google Trends. Apple fritters, blueberry-flavoured donutsand donut holes are among the top 5.


Least Favourite Donut Flavors in the USA

Long John is the least popular donut and has only won the hearts of WisconsinNew Jersey is the state where Jelly flavoured donuts are popular.  Long Johns, the bar-shaped donuts filled with cake icing and a glaze have ranked themselves at the bottom. Also, many countries refer to the long johns as “Eclairs.”

Surprsingly, Maine is the only state that mostly favours Chocolate frosted donuts. Californians have chosen the Danish pastry donut, the Bear Claw, which ranked at number 15.

National Donut Day Celebration

Donut Day is one of the most iconic celebrations in the USA. Each year, the celebration is carried out on the First Friday of June. In 1938, the Salvation Army in Chicago created the event. The celebration honours the members who have generously served donuts to the World War 1 soldiers

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