Ghanaian dance duo Abigail & Afronitaaa earns standing ovation

Dance duo Abigail and Afronitaaa from Ghana received a standing ovation for their incredible performance in the Britain’s Got Talent audition. On the fourth episode of Britain’s Got Talent, 7-year-old Abigail and 20-year-old Afronitaaa from Ghana gave a dance performance. They impressed the judges and the audience. Most of the audience had tears in their eyes at the end of the performance. With four yeses from the judge’s panel, they are moving on to the next round of BGT 2024.

Abigail was the title winner of the “Talented Kidz” competition. She has a hearing disability and got a hearing aid recently. Afronitaaa saw Abigail’s dancing videos online and decided to mentor her. 

Amanda Holden commented, “That was absolutely insanely cool, so joyous, so brilliant, so much fun. Hands down, you are two of the most fantastic dancers we have ever had on Britain’s Got Talent.” Simon Cowell stated, “This is one of my favorite auditions of the year.” and Alesha Dixon commented, “Well, both of you are just a breath of fresh air that is just natural, god-given talent.”

Abigail and Afronitaaa BGT 2024 (Modern Ghana)

Bruno Tonioli

You two are dancing Queens your choreography is I’m telling you is world class you are a not just great dancers you’re a great choreographer as well

Fans are impressed by Abigail and Afronitaaa’s dance performance. In the YouTube comments section, fans commented, “The little girl Abigail is really, really a good dancer; I think it’s a naturally born talent; it flows naturally” and “When African people dance, the whole world stops to watch…pure joy, always. love it.”

Some other fans commented on Twitter (X), “Watching BGT on ITV1 and what a performance from Afronitaaa and Abigail. I’m so emotional” and “This little girl is so precious; I’m such a sorry old gal, I’m in tears again”.

Fan’s Comment

Incredibly that Abigail is deaf . What an amazing performance

BGT 2024

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