What Happened to Menudo in AGT 2024?

Simon Cowell had the next generation of boy band Menudo sing TWICE on AGT 2024 stage as their second performance turned out terrific.

Age (at audition)11 to 15 Years
Home TownUSA
Position ReachedSelected for the next round
AGT 2024

The new Menudo boy band performed their original song “Feelin,” and won the hearts of the audience. Except Howie Mandel voting ‘no’ all the other judges voted ‘yes’ for them to advance to the next round.

The band’s members are Alejandro Querales aged 15, Ezra Gilmore aged 13, Gabriel Rossell aged 14, Andrés Emilio Pirela aged 15 and, Nicolas Calero aged 11. Even though, they sang in Spanish, all the boys are from America.

“I think it’s so interesting that you reformed Menudo,” Simon Cowell commented after their performance. Dive into the story of the next generation Menudo boy band and enjoy their audition story.


Menudo is a legendary boy band that formed in Puerto Rico in 1977 that became an international sensation in the late 1970s and 1980s. In August 2022, Menudo Productions and Mexican-American actor Mario Lopez began auditions in a search for boy band members and by March 2023, they had their boys.

After several attempts to resurrect Menudo, the production team selected these five talented youngsters for the new band. In March 2023, the band made their debut performance on Good Morning America.

They released their new album, “Party En California” with 5 Tracks: “Party En California”, “Amnesia”, “Feelin'”, “Brownie Sugar” & “Brownie Sugar” in 2024.

Menudo Biography 

Real Name  Alejandro Querales
Ezra Gilmore
Gabriel Rossell
Andrés Emilio Pirela
Nicolas Calero
Age 11 to 15 years
Nationality American
Profession Singers
AGT 2024

Family & Relationships

There are no available information on their families and relationships.

What happened in America’s Got Talent?


The group started the audition by singing their original song “Amnesia” and partway through Simon Cowell stopped the performance and asked, ”there were some issues with your vocals, do you have a second song.’ Then, they performed their song “Feelin'” with better vocals.

Sofia Vergara commented, ”I really though with the first song that there was something very off, but then when you guys started singing the second song I really liked it.” Nevertheless, they received a solid ‘no’ from Howie Mandel who referred the youngest as a future star.

“However, you have to make your own decisions. You’ve gotta be yourselves. Do what you want, wear what you want, sing what you want, and they you’re gonna have fun,” Simon gave a fine advice to the Menudo boys. Despite getting a ‘no’, the band made it to the next round with three other votes from the judges.

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