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Meet Music Fairy Freckled Zelda at AGT 2022 + Net worth

The judges get shocked by the amazing performance of the Freckled Zelda on the AGT stage. The music fairy performed a unique type of performance with an uncommon musical instrument called Ocarina. Freckled fairy is a lady with everything uncommon with her appearance, hairstyle, dress, voice, and all. Here are some facts about her biography, career, net worth, and many more.

Freckled Zelda biography

The lady looks like a woodland fairy. Freckled’s full name is Freckled Zelda. It’s her brand name. She is from the Freckled forest. But actually, her birthplace is California. Zelda’s birthday is 17th October 2002. Freckled is an American. Freckled is just 19 years in age. AGT Freckled is very earnest. Her birth sign is Libra. She is a performer at Pier 39, San Francisco. Zelda went to Amador High school in Amador County and lone Jr. High. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches. Freckled’s weight is 53kg.

AGT Freckled Zelda’s real name is Rachael Wilson. Zelda is a singer, songwriter, performer, model, and guitarist. She is performing music from the 60s and 70s soft rock, folk, county, Disney, and pop.   

What is Freckled Zelda’s ocarina?

Zelda plays an uncommon odd-looking instrument called an “ocarina.” She compares it to a potato. It makes sounds like a genuine flute. She produces some interesting sounds from the ocarina which is uncommon. AGT Freckled says that it is also known as “ potato flute.”

Family and relationship

There is nothing about her parents. No information about their names. She has a sister named Bex. Rachael has many pet cats. Her favorite animal is her pet rat. Karen Carpenter, James Taylor, and Fleetwood Mac are her favorite musical artists.  

What happened at America’s Got Talent audition?

The lady looks like a woodland fairy. She came to the AGT with pointy ears and with an uncommon musical instrument called Ocarina. AGT Freckled starts her performance playing the ocarina. Then stuns all with her rendition of “Colors of the Wind” from the Disney movie “ Pocahontas.”

It is a stunning audition. Afterward, Simon says, “ When you walked out I thought this really is going to be terrible, and actually, you have got a really good voice.” Sofia asks, “ You are never gonna change” and Zelda adds, “ Never ever.” Eventually, Mandel starts voting by a big yes. Then the rest of the judges follow the same leaving the AGT Freckled in tears of joy.

What happened to Freckled Zelda in America’s Got Talent semi-finals?

In the semi-finals Zelda, the AGT music fairy plays the ocarina and delivers her unique spin on “Never Ending Story” by Limahl. Heidi Klum said, “You do have a beautiful voice and you transformed me into your world for the time being that you were up there and I got it too”. Sofia Vergara added, ” I think your act is very unique and special, and your voice is fantastic”.

Zelda could not select the Top 5 acts of live shows semi-finals in week two because of fewer public votes. She was eliminated in the semi-finals.


AGT Freckled has so many sponsors from many brands including Songbird Ocarina, Bokksu, and Uniqso. Racheal has featured as a vocalist in over 200 professional sports venues, County fairs, festivals, weddings, and restaurants.

She has over 20 originals. AGT Freckled won the 2014 Amador’s Got Talent at the Jackson Rancheria Casino in Northern California. AGT Freckled has released two CDs. One is a Christmas CD in 2014 and a 70s, 80s Broadway CD in 2015.

What is Freckled Zelda’s Mythical Magical World?

Freckled Zelda has developed her own solo show titled Mythical Magical World. It is the hottest new show in Pigeon Forge. It lasts nearly two hours including 15 minutes intermission. It is a fantastic experience for aspiring princesses and guests of all ages.

Freckled Zelda in Americas Got Talent
Freckled Zelda in Americas Got Talent

Social Media

AGT Freckled is a well-known TikTok star. She posts aesthetic videos of herself singing and playing the ocarina. Her TikTok account has gained over 6 million followers and more than 154 million likes. Zelda dropped her first video in March 2020. It reached over 40000 views. Her account hit 100k followers in May 2020. She has dropped her act while playing the ocarina titled “ Swallowtail Jig” on her TikTokv account. The video has gained over 300k likes.

Racheal is maintaining two Facebook accounts Freckled Zelda and Rachael Wilson. She has 957 followers in her real name account. She has 4636 friends on her other account. AGT singer Freckled Zelda has over 300K followers on Instagram. She has uploaded 279 posts to it. Zelda usually shares her modeling photos over her Instagram.

Zelda has 32.4k subscribers on her YouTube channel. She has dropped 135 videos to it. Freckled Zelda’s performance on AGT has viewed over 1.5M within 48 hours.

Freckled Zelda eka Rachael Wilson
Freckled Zelda eka Rachael Wilson

Freckled Zelda’s Net Worth

There is no exact figure for her net worth salary and real estate. AGT Freckleds’s approximate net worth is $900K. Zelda’s main source of income is her profession of Modelling acting ad performing in world-famous shows. Racheal also does choreography and directs videos.


There is nothing much about AGT Freckled’s family, and relationships. No information about his mom, dad, and siblings. But most of Zelda’s career facts are here in this article. Even though she is well known on TikTok, there is nothing much about her family members. She is a complete overall performer rather than a vocalist. You will soon meet her in Modelling shoots and stay with us we will update this article about what happened to Freckled Zelda after AGT 2022.


Freckled Zelda is 19 years of age.

Freckled Zelda is 19 years of age.

Where is Freckled Zelda from?

Freckled Zelda is from California.

Who is Freckled Zelda?

Freckled Zelda is a music fairy.

What Freckled Zelda’s musical instrument?

Freckled Zelda’s musical instrument is an uncommon flute called Ocarina.

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