Fish Building In India! A Fine Example Of Novelty Architecture.

Fish Building In India! | A Fine Example Of Novelty Architecture.

The National Fisheries Building in India is an amazing architectural wonder! It’s located in Hyderabad, a bustling city known for its vibrant culture. This building is special because it looks like a fish swimming through the air. Isn’t that cool?

The clever architects in Central Public Works Department in India designed the building to reflect India’s fishing traditions. The building has four stories and was officially opened in 2012. Spain’s monumental fish by Frank Gehry in 1992 inspired the design of this work of art.

The fish building is a fine example of mimetic or novelty architecture. The exterior shell combines R.C.C., Aluminium composite panels, stainless steel, and glass panels. The giant structure includes fins, glassy blue eyes, and scales that resemble a fish. When seen from a distance, it looks like the fish is swimming mid-air.

But the National Fisheries Building isn’t just beautiful—it’s also very important. It houses research labs and offices of the National Fisheries Board. This building is a symbol of its commitment to taking care of the oceans and marine life.

If you ever get the chance to visit the National Fisheries Building, don’t miss it! You’ll be transported to a world where architecture and nature come together in a truly amazing way. It’s a great example of how buildings can be both practical and artistic.

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