World's Oldest Battery In Iraq Fascinating Things To Know About 'The Baghdad Battery' With A History of Over 2000 Years!

World’s Oldest Battery In Iraq | Fascinating Things To Know About ‘The Baghdad Battery’ With A History of Over 2000 Years!

Get ready to travel back in time to uncover a truly amazing discovery from ancient Iraq! It’s called the Baghdad Battery, and it’s the oldest battery ever found. The battery has a mind-blowing history of over 2000 years. Let’s dive into the fascinating facts about this extraordinary artifact!

A Surprising Source of Power:

The Baghdad Battery has four main components: a clay jar, a copper cylinder, an iron rod, and an asphalt plug. When the jar is filled with vinegar or an electrolyte, the jar produces a voltage of 1.1 to 2. Experts think that these things were used together to create a small amount of electricity. Imagine that, a battery from so long ago!

Mysterious Purpose:

What did people use the Baghdad Battery for? Well, that’s still a mystery. Some experts think it might have been used for things like making metal objects shiny, electroplating, and for early medical treatments like ‘electrotherapy.’ But the exact purpose remains unknown until today.

Ancient Technological Wonders:

The battery is believed to be a part of the Parthian empire between the period 150 BC – 223 AD. Parthians are known for their warfare expertise rather than scientific developments. So, some argued that the artifact belonged to the Sasanian Empire between 224–650 AD.

In 1938, German archaeologist Wilhelm Konig found the artifact for the first time in Baghdad, Iraq. This incredible discovery started many. However, the Battery proves that people in ancient times were quite smart and knew a lot more about science.

Rediscovery and Copies:

The Baghdad Battery was found again in the 1800s during a dig in Iraq. Also, Engineers recreated many similar batteries after 1948.


The Baghdad Battery is an incredible discovery that teaches us about the amazing things people could do a long time ago. It makes us wonder about the things we still don’t know about history. So, let’s keep exploring and celebrating the incredible achievements of people from the past and present.

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