Do NOT look this Doll in the eye | A Voodoo Baby That Breathes!

In Florida, there is a voodoo doll resting in a glass case that should not be looked in the eyes! It belonged to François Duvalier, also known as Papa Doc. Duvalier was the president of Haiti from 1957 until he died in 1971. He is known for his deep involvement with Vodou magic. One eerie legend tied to him is that of Voodoo Baby, a doll with a dark and mysterious history. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in St. Augustine, Florida, houses this doll and warns visitors in many ways to be careful with it.

The Origin of Voodoo Baby | Do NOT Look in the Eye

Voodoo Baby, a doll once owned by Papa Doc, now resides at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in St. Augustine, Florida. Ripley advises visitors not to look it in the eye due to its dark presence. The doll played a role in Duvalier’s Vodou practices and was part of his personal collection. Voodoo Baby, known for its eerie appearance has a lifelike quality that makes it seem almost like it’s breathing.

One story about the doll involves a maintenance man who found a quarter-sized spot of moisture above its head in the glass case every morning. It was as if the doll were alive. Another story tells the chaos that followed when the doll was removed from display. A series of unfortunate events, including broken pipes, collapsing walls, and electrical failures, troubled Ripley’s until Voodoo Baby made its return.

Ripley’s official warning to visitors is clear. Do not look Voodoo Baby in the eye! The power of suggestion might play a role in the unsettling experiences people report. Cultural beliefs surrounding Haitian Vodou also contribute to the doll’s terrifying reputation.

Voodoo Baby’s Journey to Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

After Papa Doc’s death, Voodoo Baby found its way to Ripley’s in St. Augustine. Staff and visitors have reported strange experiences with the doll, backing its bizarre legend. When the doll was temporarily removed from display, Ripley faced a series of problems. Things got back to normal only when Voodoo Baby returned.

Visitors have shared their experiences, noting that ignoring the warning about not looking the doll in the eye led to misfortunes. These stories add to the doll’s mystique and the sense of dread it inspires.

The Voodoo President: François “Papa Doc” Duvalier

Papa Doc ruled Haiti with an iron fist. He claimed to represent the nation and used Vodou, a traditional Haitian religion, to consolidate his power. Duvalier portrayed himself as a Vodou priest and even mimicked the appearance of Baron Samedi, a spirit of Vodou. He often wore sunglasses to hide his eyes and spoke in a tone associated with this spirit. His regime’s propaganda suggested that he was united with the spirits, Jesus Christ, and God himself.

One of the most striking images from his time in power shows Jesus with a hand on Duvalier’s shoulder, captioned “I have chosen him.” Duvalier declared himself an “immaterial being” and even published a version of the Lord’s Prayer that praised him instead of God. His reign was marked by bizarre and brutal actions. Some of such as keeping the head of a political opponent and believing another enemy could transform into a black dog. This also led him to order the killing of black dogs in the capital.


Voodoo Baby’s chilling history is a blend of political intrigue, cultural beliefs, and supernatural tales. From Papa Doc Duvalier’s reign to its current home at Ripley’s, the doll remains a subject of fascination and fear. What do you think about Voodoo Baby and the stories surrounding it? Have you had any experiences with supernatural phenomena? Share your thoughts and stories with us.

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