A Billionaire Who Never Changed Her Underpants for 65 Years Meet 'The Most Stingy Person' in the World

A Billionaire Who Never Changed Her Underpants for 65 Years | Meet ‘The Most Stingy Person’ in the World

Can you imagine using the same pair of underpants from the age of 16 until your death? While it might sound unbelievably stingy, a billionaire did just that. Meet Hetty Green, famously known as the “Wicked Witch of Wall Street” and widely regarded as the “most stingy person” in history. 

Despite her immense wealth, estimated at more than $2.3 billion in today’s money, her bizarre lifestyle and extreme frugality have made her a legend. Hetty’s incredible financial success came from her shrewd and conservative investments. Her frugality extended to other strange habits, such as living on leftovers, wearing the same black dress until it was worn out, and refusing to spend money on basic comforts. 

Read on to discover the intriguing life of Hetty Green, a billionaire who never changed her underpants for 65 years.

Become millionaire 

Henrietta “Hetty” Howland Robinson was born on November 21, 1834, in New Bedford, Massachusetts. She was the only daughter of a wealthy Quaker family. Hetty grew up learning about finance from her father and grandfather, who were successful businessmen. When her father passed away in 1864, Hetty inherited a fortune estimated at $7.5 million, a massive amount at the time.

Moving to New York

At 21, Hetty moved to New York City to invest her inheritance. She quickly made a name for herself on Wall Street with her sharp financial acumen. Hetty’s investment strategies were conservative yet highly effective, earning her a substantial fortune. Her ruthless business practices and cunning ways led to her being dubbed the “Witch of Wall Street.”

Billionaire Living as a Homeless Person

Despite her wealth, Hetty Green was notorious for her extreme frugality. She lived like a homeless person, surviving on leftover cakes and broken biscuits from grocery stores. She wore the same underpants from the age of 16 until her death. Hetty refused to spend money on hot water and wore the same black dress until it was completely worn out. She even lived on a pie that cost only two cents.

Hetty’s famous Black Dress

Her Stingyness cost a leg to her son

Hetty’s stinginess extended to her family’s healthcare. When her son Ned broke his leg, she delayed getting him proper medical treatment while searching for free care. This delay caused severe complications, ultimately leading to the amputation of his leg.

Hetty and her son Ned
Hetty and her son Ned

Personal Life

Hetty married Edward Green, a millionaire, in 1867. They had two children, Ned and Sylvia. Despite their wealth, the Green family lived a very modest and frugal life, heavily influenced by Hetty’s extreme stinginess.

Died from a stroke

Hetty Green died on July 3, 1916, at the age of 81 in New York City. The cause of her death was a stroke, reportedly triggered by a quarrel with her maid over a wage increase. Hetty’s frugality earned her a posthumous entry in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most Stingy Person” Despite her stinginess, she left behind a massive fortune. Her children, in contrast to her, were known for their generosity. Her daughter Sylvia used part of the inheritance to build a free hospital.

Hetty Green’s life is a fascinating paradox of immense wealth and extreme frugality. While she was known as the “most stingy person” in the world, her children inherited her wealth but not her miserly ways. Instead, they used their inheritance to make positive contributions to society. What are your thoughts on Hetty Green’s lifestyle? Do you have any stories of extreme frugality? 

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