Dansur the rapper who has gold hair

Dansur | The Mexican Rapper With Golden Hair Chains

In the music world, sometimes creators do unbelievable things to be famous. One such figure is Dansur, the Mexican rapper who has made headlines for a truly unique choice. He has gold chains surgically implanted into his scalp. How did this rapper end up with a hairstyle like no other?

Dansur, born in Mexico City in 1999, is a rising star in the rap music scene. But what truly sets him apart is his claim of being the “first rapper in human history” to sport gold chains as hair.
Dansur started his career as a rapper at a young age. His rise in the music industry was instant, thanks to his unique style. He gained a significant online following, and in 2021, he released his debut single, “Oro,” where his golden hair chains took center stage in the music video.

While Dansur’s music is indeed catchy, it’s his unique choice of fashion that has made him a standout figure in the rap scene, sparking conversations about aesthetics and individuality.

Dansur’s decision to turn his hair into a statement piece involved a bold and somewhat unconventional surgical procedure. Gold chains were attached to hooks implanted into his scalp, creating a distinctive look.
The surgical process, performed by a plastic surgeon in Colombia, was not without its share of pain, according to Dansur. It was a choice rooted in desire to symbolize his wealth and success, according to him.
Dansur himself has said that his hair represents something special and that he’s proud of his unique look.

“I wanted to do something different, something that no one else had done before,”


Dansur’s golden hair chains have divided public opinion. Some admire his boldness and creativity, while others criticize his choice as excessive vanity and a promotion of extreme body modification.


Dansur’s decision to surgically implant gold chains into his head has undeniably left a mark on both the music and fashion industries. This unique transformation has ignited a debate about the boundaries of body modification and the role of aesthetics in hip-hop culture. Whether you applaud his daring choice or raise questions about it, Dansur’s golden hair chains have certainly made him a conversation starter. As he boldly declares, “I don’t care what other people think. I’m happy with my new look.” What are your thoughts on Dansur’s distinctive style? Share your opinions below.

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