Benedict Cumberbatch Makes an Epic Appearance in Wes Anderson's New Movie As 'Henry Sugar'!

Benedict Cumberbatch Makes an Epic Appearance in Wes Anderson’s New Movie As ‘Henry Sugar’!

Netflix has just dropped the thrilling trailer for “The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and directed by Wes Anderson. This film, based on Roald Dahl’s short story, tells the tale of a wealthy man’s quest to harness the power of a guru who can see without using his eyes, all to gain an edge in gambling.

A Tale Rooted in Roald Dahl’s Imagination

This flick is based on a short story by Roald Dahl, the genius behind classics like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” In this one, we follow a rich guy on a quest to uncover the secrets of a mystical guru who can do something incredible: see without using his eyes! Why? Well, he wants to use this impressive skill to win big in the world of gambling.

Venice Film Festival Premier

“The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar” made its grand entrance at the prestigious Venice International Film Festival. It initially soared with a perfect Rotten Tomatoes score of 100%, a testament to its cinematic brilliance. Although it has dipped slightly to 95% since then, one thing is for sure: this movie is bound to be a magical watch.

Soon On Netflix

The movie is the first of four Roald Dahl short story adaptations by Anderson, all arriving on Netflix during the same week. “The Swan” and “The Ratcatcher” follow on September 28 and September 29, with “Poison” concluding the series on September 30. While “Henry Sugar” has a runtime of 39 minutes, the others are shorter at 17 minutes each.

A Star-Studded Reunion

Fans of Anderson’s distinctive style will be pleased to see some familiar faces gracing the screen. Benedict Cumberbatch, the star of “Henry Sugar,” isn’t just making a return for one film; he’s also headlining “Poison.” And joining him on this Dahl-inspired journey is none other than Ralph Fiennes, a regular collaborator with Anderson, who will appear in all four films.

Staying True to Dahl’s Words

One aspect that sets this Dahl adaptation apart is Anderson’s commitment to preserving the magic of Dahl’s words. He explained, “When I finally had the moment of inspiration, the idea was: ‘I am equally interested in the way Dahl tells the story as I am in the story itself.’ If I do it using his words, his descriptions, then maybe I know how to do it.

Countdown begins!

Now, the countdown begins! Mark your calendars for September 27! The day when “The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar” will be available on Netflix. The movie is kicking off this enchanting Dahl-inspired journey through the lens of Wes Anderson. It’s a return to the silver screen that Benedict Cumberbatch fans won’t want to miss.

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