A Close Encounter Of A Chinese Warship And A US Destroyer Sparks Tension

A Close Encounter Of A Chinese Warship And A US Destroyer Sparks Tension | Will There Be A War Between The USA And China?

The USA and China always had a striking tension in-between. Things got even more intense with the most recent event. A Chinese Warship came to a close call with a U.S. Navy Destroyer in the Taiwan Strait. The statements made by officials in both countries made people more curious about what would happen

What Happened in Taiwan Strait?

The U.S. Navy Destroyer ‘USS Chung-Hoon,’ was on a joint mission with Canada in “freedom of navigation.” The Chinese Warship Luyang III came within approximately 150 yards while conducting its “routine patrol.” According to the sources, the Warship was operating in an “Unsafe manner.”

The close encounter has made the U.S. Destroyer reduce its speed by 10 knots. “Chung-Hoon and Montreal’s transit through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the combined U.S.-Canadian commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific. The U.S. military flies, sails, and operates safely and responsibly anywhere international law allows,” stated the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command. 

China’s Defence

The 20th Asia Security Summit 2023 in Singapore held significant importance. China’s defence minister Li Shangfu made an international appearance for the first time and mentioned the “almost collision” incident. The sources declared that Minister Li refused to formally meet Lloyd Austin, the U.S. defence secretary

Minister Li mentioned his displease with America’s attempts to destabilize the Indo-pacific region. “A cold war mentality is now resurgent, greatly increasing security risks,” said Li Shangfu. 

The heat of this argument became more intense with Minister Li’s remark, “It is undeniable that a severe conflict or confrontation between China and the U.S. will be an unbearable disaster for the world.” 

Economic strains and different systems between the US and China are no secret to the world. But incidents like this can seem provocative to both countries. Currently, China and the U.S. are maintaining their grounds by not fuelling the tension. People are keen to see how the future of both countries will unfold. 

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