Meet Acapop Kids from AGT 2022 + Group members and Net worth

Meet Acapop Kids from AGT 2022 + Group members and Net worth

Acapop Kids is an Acappella group formed by Pentatonix. They were featured on America’s Got Talent Season 17 and eliminated in the semifinals. Let’s peep into who are Acapop Kids members with the latest news.

What are Acapop Kids

Acapop Kids is a group of kids gathered in AGT season 17 as singers. They are active and have grabbed the AGT stag’s eyes due to their specialty. The Group was set up in Pentatonix. The team consists of members who are aged below 17.

Pentatonix Acapop went through a thorough process to recruit these kids who took part in two countries and a few major cities in the USA. The Pentatonix member Scott Hoying is the founder of Acapop Kids.

Among 86 contestants who wanted to be a part of the Acapop Kids, only 26 members went through, and they all are on the AGT stage this year on the 17th version. The Group uses short videos, medley songs, Singles, Acapop Minis, and various ways to get to fans. At present, they have become one of the most influential teams with kids as well.

Acapop Kids in America's Got Talent
Acapop Kids in America’s Got Talent

Acapop Kids members

There are 26 Acapop Kids members in the Group, and the majority of kids are from the USA. Scott, the founder of the Group, had gone to Canada to find some talents, and a few kids are from Canada (We have included their names and other information in a table below).

The Group also collaborated with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper for this cover. A couple of months later, a medley was released by the Group as “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Somebody to Love” by the Queen.

Nolan Gibbons was one of the talented boys in the Group who passed away in 2020. Nolan is from Marion, Massachusetts, and he contributed to the Group as a Soprano, Baritone, and Vocal Percussion as well. Among Nolan’s talents, Piano, Guitar, and Saxophone were the assets.

Winning New England’s Got Talent title was one of the most memorable times for the kid. The talented boy died at 15 on August 18, 2020. The outsiders, including us, don’t know how he died, but he is remembered as the kindest person on the Acapop Kids.

How old are Acapop Kids?

After referring to the table, you will realize that they are not kids but grown. Although they were below 17 when they were chosen for the Group, they have grown up to be teenagers and beyond.

NameAgeHome Town
Alana Cruz Ehrlich13New Orleans, Lousiana
Aliyah Mastin17Chattanooga, Tennessee
Aubree Archibeck18San Diego, California
Audrey Cymone13Palos Verdes, California
Ava Grace16Chattanooga, Tennessee
Camryn Quinlan15Sayville, New York
Celine Ngo16Aliso Viejo, California
Eliza Pryor16Dallas, Texas
Emily Taylor Kaufman18Hollywood, Florida
Ethan Hanzilk16Storrs, Connecticut
Frankie McNellis16Gilbert, Arizona
Harvey Baker Jr.14Houston, Texas
Jacob Mullins18Franklin, Tennessee
Jaden Coronado17Buffalo, New York
Kevelin Jones III17Flint, Michigan
Landon Maughan19Jackson, Missouri
Lizzy Newell15South Brunswick, New Jersey
McKenzie Mack18Canton, Ohio
Naisha R Kadiveti14Chesterfield, New Jersey
Naren Yalamanchili17Plano, Texas
Nick Mangiaratti17Dover, Massachusetts
Preston C. Howell18Pembroke Pines, Florida
Ryann Barnes17Menlo Park, California
Samuel Parker15Buffalo, New York
Tanner Massey18Tyler, Texas
Zoey Siewert15Vancouver, Canada

What happened at America’s Got Talent?


The AGT performance was dedicated to Nolan Gibbons, one of their late friends. The song “My Turn” was a tribute to the AGT, and there was a short video about him prior to the AGT performance. The team sang with a sad voice, and “my Turn” was written by Nolan as well.

Only 09 members took part in the audition. They were sent into the next round by the judges after passing lots of pleasing and motivating comments. “This is what you guys are meant to do,” said Sophia. Simon also did appreciate the group’s performance as well as a tribute.


In the semi-finals ACAPOP! KIDS sang their original song “Glow” and they were able to impress the judges and audience without Howie Mandel. Judge Howie buzzed during their performance.

“The only thing that was glowing red X to me listen you harmonize you have nice voices, I felt, I was at a school assembly and I did not go great in school and I didn’t do great during that act, I’m sorry if this doesn’t rise to the level of AGT in my mind”

Howie Mandel.

I don’t agree with Howie, I felt like you create such a beautiful sound together and I do have to highlight also the solo performances, I also like the message for the young people out there, I really like it

Heidi Klum

And they got positive comments from Sofia and Simon Cowell also. But unfortunately, Acapop Kids was unable to get enough public votes to select for the top 5 acts of the week and they were eliminated from the semi-finals.


After forming the group, Acapop! KIDS, Scott did a song with the kids. The video was special for the group as it could reach up to 3 million views within just three years.

“Eth Shallow” was the next song to come, and it was recorded as a cover song by the team. Scott observed these things clearly and was the man behind taking the Acapop Kids into Social media.

Acapop Kids was featured on AGT 2922 and eliminated from the semifinals.

At present, the team is in great hands and in perfect shape, and they will do something special for their careers. 

Acapop Kids net worth

The Acapop Kids’ net worth is approximately $200,000. Their live shows, sponsoring, influencing, and reality shows have brought this income. If they win the AGT title this year, they will be a group with millions of net worth.

Social media

Acapop Kids are available on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. The group is most active on Facebook, with almost 200k followers. They frequently update their stage progress and ongoing tasks with their Facebook account.

The Acapop Kids have a YouTube channel has a Youtube channel which has been subscribed to by 359k people. Their website is a simple one, and they provide their ongoing projects and Acapop members’ names and pictures. 


Where are Acapop Kids from?

The Acapop Kids are from USA and Canada.

How old are Acapop Kids members?

The members are from 12 years to 19 years at present. However, they all were below 17 when Scott recruited them.

How many kids are in Acapop?

There are 26 kids in the Acapop group.

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