Netsuite Openair vs Aha Software: The Differences

Netsuite Openair vs Aha software is not a commonly found comparison. It is because these two suits are entirely different. There’s only one thing in common, and that’s project management. For an in-depth insight, read this finely assembles Netsuite Openair vs Aha software comparison.  

The Overview of Netsuite Openair: 

Time tracking, budget allocation, reporting, project management, resource management, and invoicing are all on one platform. What more do you need to run a profitable organization? Doesn’t it meet your requirements? That can’t be the case, for Openair offers a unified platform to you the entire organization from a centralized place. There’s no need to get individual software to manage all these things. From setting up projects to their launching, everything is a piece of cake with Openair.

This professional service automation product is an all-inclusive platform designed to make life easier for organizations. NetSuite OpenAir is referred to as monster software by the clients, for there’s nothing it can’t handle. Teams can pull up anything they want in a streamlined manner. In addition, extensive pricing plans are set by Netsuite Openair to facilitate clients in the best way possible. 

If we take a look explicitly at its project management aspect, the vendor allows and manages to identify all the bottlenecks proactively. The eye-catchy part is, unlike other vendors, Openair empowers clients to score more profit by setting project scenarios with pipeline reports to estimate the revenue. Other than the project management-specific tools like the Gantt chart and time tracker, Openair offers an extensive library to engage clients. This library is equipped with crucial drivers so organizations can execute projects successfully.  

Aha, In Reference to Netsuite Openair 

In contrast to Openair, aha software is an exclusive software designed for project management. It’s not limited to setting milestones or project tracking but does more than that. Aha project management solution never ceases to impress clients with its robust capabilities. It is more of a product development solution than a project management solution. Aha holds a mystic aura and ranks as the world’s best project management software no matter what. Unlike Openair, it doesn’t run entire organizations, but it puts a special focus on customers. 

It means it brings compelling and impressive products to life by emphasizing the needs of customers. It captures the ideas of customers whenever a new project is set into action and then creates a visual roadmap based on the client’s preferences. Aha product management software focuses more on developing client-friendly solutions than on the allocation of the budget. It prioritizes agile development by planning sprints, creating customized development workflows, and then aligning the projects accordingly.  

What more Aha project management software is good at is marketing. The vendor has a firm grasp of marketing techniques and thus generates good sales for its customers. It means it helps build projects and launch products from the ground up, leaving no loose ends. Being a self-funded firm, Aha leverages impeccable strategies to empower clients with an extensive knowledge base. The marketing part is where Aha differs as Openair emphasizes on running organizations whereas Aha emphasizes on developing what customers need.  

Netsuite Openair vs Aha: What Reviews Tell? 

We can’t outlook the reviews as they are an integral part of comparisons. The Netsuite Openair and Aha reviews allow customers to get a better insight into the capabilities of these solutions. They can get a general overview of whether these solutions come up to the client’s expectations or not. O, here’s what the reviews say about Netsuite Openair and Aha platforms.

Openair reviews depict that the vendor builds clients’ confidence by streamlining the project workflow.  On top of that, reviews say that Openair software is flexible enough that teams can align it with their personalized needs. It’s a time saver for giant organizations as it captures data from the CRM and directly sends the bills to relevant customers. The only shortfall of Netsuite Openair is that its pricing plans are heavy on the pockets of small businesses. 

Whether it’s projected backlogging or product releasing, Aha ace it to up the level of organizations. It adds value to the project streams by mapping dependencies, setting timelines, and shaping the baselines. As per the reviews, Aha is highly versatile, intuitive, and an integrated solution that leverages the customer’s ideas. This versatile software also offers drag-and-drop functionalities, making it easier to set priorities and tag teammates. However, getting started with Aha is a bit difficult as it is backed by a complex UI interface and configuration.  

Netsuite Vs Aha: Cost Structure Evaluation 

Nothing matters more than the price tag when looking to implement a project management solution. And this Netsuite Openair vs Aha software is no exception. The details of these solutions will leave you stunned. 

About Netsuite Openair pricing, the vendor doesn’t reveal its price structure. No details are mentioned on the web. It’s the prime difference between Netsuite Openair and Aha’s pricing structure because Aha features a detailed cost structure. This is the potential shortfall of Netsuite Openair that it hasn’t disclosed its price tag. We can only learn what the customers say about it: Netsuite Openair is a heavy-budget solution as all its pricing plans are out of the budget range of small and medium-scale organizations. It is because this software is basically designed to work in complex organizational structures.

As for Aha, the vendor offers exclusive and fully-detailed pricing plans. The price tag and features included are fully revealed on the web as Aha believes in transparent pricing structures. There is a word around that Aha is the most reasonable software in terms of pricing as it presents clients with a wide range of packages to choose from. The Aha Roadmap category is set for project management. It includes four plans; startup, and premium. Enterprise and enterprise plus. All these plans except enterprise+ offer the convenience of monthly and annual subscriptions with 20% off on the yearly billing option.


There is a straightforward conclusion to this Netsuite Openair vs Aha software comparison. If you need a solution explicitly for product development and project management, there’s no better option than Aha software. But for advanced-level corporations that desire to run projects, manage revenue and allocate resources all at one, Netsuite Openair is the best bet.

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