84-Year-Old Man’s Deathbed Confession Solves A Crime That Killed A Mother & Daughter 24 Years Ago

In a shocking turn of events, Larry Webb, an 84-year-old man on his deathbed, confessed to a crime that had gone unresolved for 24 years, the murder of his wife and stepdaughter. This revelation ultimately led to the recovery of their remains and shockingly Larry passed away just hours before the bodies were unearthed.

The tragic story begins with Susan and Alex Carter, Larry Webb’s wife and stepdaughter. Who disappeared without a trace in August 2000. With the help of Rick Lafferty, Alex’s biological father, authorities obtained a search warrant for Webb’s home in Beckley, West Virginia. After years of investigations, just eighteen months ago, investigators made a startling discovery during the search, a bullet lodged in the wall of a bedroom with blood strains. Subsequently, DNA testing confirmed it belonged to Alex Carter.

With years-long await without any evidence, a grand jury indicted him. Webb faced charges of first-degree murder. However, legal proceedings experienced delays owing to Webb’s health concerns, necessitating medical clearance before his incarceration.

The Confession of the Murder

In early April this year, FBI agents and investigators conducted an interview with Webb at Hilltop Nursing Home Center. During the interrogation, Webb confessed to the murders. Detailing how he killed both and wrapped the bodies of both victims in bed linens. And how he placed them in his basement. Subsequently, he spent two days digging a shallow grave in his backyard and burying the bodies together. Where they remained until their recent discovery. Webb mentioned the reason for shooting Susan Carter was following a dispute over finances, triggered by the discovery of missing money from their home.

Webb’s Final Hours

With Webb’s disclosure of the burial site in his backyard, authorities, with the help of a local landscaper, excavated the bodies as directed by Larry. As the investigation progressed, Webb was transferred from the Southern Regional Jail to Mount Olive Correctional Complex on Friday. However, on Monday, he was relocated to Montgomery General Hospital. Where he tragically passed away at around 10:30 a.m., just hours before the discovery of Susan and Alex Carter’s remains.

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