How a 95-Year-Old Woman Rediscovered Her Sculpture Made 40 Years Ago?

Imagine discovering a sculpture of yourself that had been considered lost for decades. That’s precisely what occurred to a 95-year-old retired seamstress. After nearly 40 years, she reunited with a sculpture of her likeness. Eager to uncover how this remarkable discovery unfolded? Let’s dive into the story.

Meet Maria Pulsone, an Italian immigrant. Four decades ago, her New York employer, Kozinn & Sons Tailors, chose her to be the subject of a 51-inch sculpture for the business’ lobby. The creation process was intense. She needed to cover her body in plaster, with only a pair of straws in her nose to help her breathe.

The sculpture adorned the lobby of the Manhattan tailor shop for several years. But it vanished when the business relocated. However, her granddaughter, Jennifer Pulsone Heppner, had other ideas. They decided to search for it to see if it still existed.

Jennifer and her husband, Brian, embarked on the quest, and their investigation was surprisingly brief. A quick online search for “woman sewing statue” led them to an antique warehouse in Scranton, where the sculpture was for sale. They even snagged a Black Friday deal, purchasing it for $600.

The family donated the sculpture to the Italian American Museum on the Lower East Side. Maria and her family didn’t forget to attend the unveiling Ceremony.

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